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The 1885 engraving of the Flapping Bird

  These Source Pages contain information relating to books, articles in newspapers and magazines, illustrations, exhibitions, and historical survivals, that are the raw material of paperfolding history. If you know of any other significant sources of information that I have overlooked please let me know.

In many cases these pages provide a link to a full online version of the document the information is drawn from.

Sources which only give information about one particular design may not be listed on this page, although they will be referenced in the relevant Topic and Individual Design pages.

Where a source is listed but not yet linked to a page it means I have information on what the source contains but have not yet found time to add the information here.

Where a source is listed but marked 'incomplete information' it means I have not yet been able to obtain a full print copy or find a full electronic copy of the source online. I maintain a List of books / booklets / articles a full copy of which has not yet been located. If you have a copy of any of these and are willing to share the information it contains with me I will be extremely grateful.

Where a source is listed but marked 'not yet analysed' it means the linked page will contain the source material but no analysis of what the source material contains.

Where a source is listed but marked 'not yet fully integrated' it means the source has been analysed but information has not yet been carried across to the relevant Index and Individual Design pages.

I also maintain a list of those Other Sources I have Consulted / Searched, which will hopefully help to reduce the duplication of effort among paperfolding history researchers.

Historical Survivals (incomplete)

Undated Postcards / Undated Trade Cards / Undated Drawings, Prints and Paintings

Articles published in Periodicals
Miscellaneous Magazine and Newspaper Articles
Illustrations by Selected Artists
Books, Important Articles in Periodicals, and Survivals, in Chronological Order
Japanese sources (including books by Japanese authors in English) are marked with pink squares.

Chinese sources are marked with green squares.

Sources exclusively about the folding of napkins / seviettes are marked with yellow squares.

1000 to 1849
  The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, 1002     A Perfect School of Instructions for the Officers of the Mouth by Giles Rose, 1682     Orikata Tehon Chushingura, 1797
  Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji) by Murasaki Shikibu, 1021     Vollständige Haus-und Land-Bibliothec by Andreas Glorez, 1701     Almanach des Gourmands, 1808 (not yet fully integrated)
        Aanhangzel volmaakte Hollandsche keuken-meid by Jan Willem Claus van Laar, 1746     Leichte Künsteleien by Dr Heinrich Rockstroh 1819
        Onna Chohoki, 1692 (and 1847)     Manuel Complet des Jeux de Société by Elisabeth Celnart, 1827
  De Viribus Quantitatis by Luca Pacioli, 1502     Origata Tehon of Kikuchi Fujiwara no Takehide, 1697     The Boy's Own Book by William Clarke, 1828
  Magiae Naturalis by Giambattista della Porta, 1584     Récréations mathématiques et physiques by Jacques Ozanam, 1723     Mechanemata oder der Tausendkünstlerm by Dr Heinrich Rockstroh, 1831
  Trattato delle piegature by Mattia Giegher, 1629     Enganos a Ojos Vistas, Y Diversion de Trabajos by Pablo Minguet E Irol, 1733     Manual Completo de Juegos de Sociedad o Tertulia y la Prendas by Mariano de Rementería y Fica, 1831
              American Girl's Book by Eliza Leslie, 1831
  Deliciae physico mathematicae by Daniel Schwenter, 1636     Print in Ranma Zushiki,1734     The Girl's Own Book by Lydia Maria Child, 1833
  Deliciae physico mathematicae Volume 2 by Georg Phillip Harsdorffer, 1651     I Giochi Numerici Fatti Arcani by Giuseppe Antonio Alberti, 1747     Encijclopedie of Handboek by A B van Meerten, 1835 (not yet fully integrated)
  Vollständiges und von neuem vermehrtes Trincir-Buch by Georg Philipp Harsdörffer, 1652     Tresor des Jeux by Carlo Antonio, 1759     Das Buch der Zauberei by Johann August Donndorff, 1835
  Deliciae physico mathematicae Volume 3 by Georg Phillip Harsdorffer, 1653     Die Zehenmal Hundert und Eine Kunst by Albrecht Ernst Friedrich von Crailsheim, 1762     El Brujo en Sociedad by D J Mieg, 1839
  Neues Trenchier-und Plicatur-Büchlein by Andreas Klett, 1657 (in progress)     Hoketsuki by Sadatake Ise, 1764     The Kan No Mado, 1845
  L'Escole parfaite des officiers de bouches, 1662     Diary entry of Leandro Fernández Moratín, October 1793     Leichtfasslicher Unterricht in der Kunst die Servietten by Friedrich Kaspar Funke, 1845
  Il Cuoco Francese by Signor de la Varenne, 1682     Praktischer Unterricht, 1796     Juegos de los Ninos, 1847
          The Senbazuru Orikata, 1797     Rapport sur une Nouvelle Methode de Geometrie Pratique de Martin Chatelain, 1849
1850 to 1899
  Table Observances, 1854     Un million de jeux et de plaisirs by T de Moulidars, 1880     Our Little Kings and Queens at Home and at School by Lida Brooks Miller, 1891
  The Practical Housewife by Robert Kemp Philp, 1855     The Boy's Own Book (Revised Edition), 1880     Le Livre de la Femme D'Intérieur par Oscar-Edmond Ris-Paquot, 1891
  A Practical Guide to the English Kinder Garten by Joh and Bertha Ronge, 1855     The Kindergarten Principle by Mary J Lyschinska, 1880     Paper Folding and Cutting by Katherine M Ball, 1892
  Manuel Pratique des Jardins D'Enfants de Friedrich Froebel, by J-F Jacobs, 1859     Cassell's Book of Indoor Amusements, Card Games and Fireside Fun, 1881     How to Teach Paper-Folding and Cutting by Norma MacLeod, 1892
              How to Cut and Fold Paper by Gabriel Bamberger, 1892 (incomplete information)
  The Boy's Own Toymaker by E Landells, 1859     Het Vlechten by Elise Van Calcar, 1881     Le Travail Manuel a L'ecole Primaire by Jully & Rocheron, 1892
  The Girl's Own Toymaker by E Landells and Alice Landells, 1860     Part 2 of The Kindergarten Guide by Maria Kraus Boelte and John Kraus, 1882     Revues des Traditions Populaires, 1892
  Friedrich Froebel's Gesammelte Padogogische Schriften edited by Wichard Lange, 1861     Die Schulwerkstatt by E Barth and W Niederly, 1882     Articles in Journal des Instituteurs, 1892/3
  Das Paradies der Kindheit by Lina Morgenstern, 1861     Arrêté réglant l’organisation pédagogique et le plan d’études des écoles primaires publiques, Jules Ferry, 1882     The Prang Primary Course in Art Education by Mary Dana Hicks and Josephine C Locke, 1892
  Kindergarten and Elementarklasse by August Kohler,1861 (incomplete information)     Popular Scientific Recreations, 1883     Geometrical Exercises in Paperfolding by Tandalam Sundara Rao, 1893
  Das Frobel'sche Faltblatt by August Kohler, 1862     Giuochi Fanciulleschi Siciliani by Giuseppe Pitri, 1883     Cuestiones de Pedagogía Práctica: Medios de Instruir by Vicente Castro Legua, 1893
  De Kleine Papierwerkers: Volume 1 by Elise Van Calcar, 1863     Pictorial Story in Llibre Vert III by Apeles Mestre, 1883     L'Annee Preparatoire de Travail Manuel by M P Martin, 1893
  De Kleine Papierwerkers: Volume 2 by Elise Van Calcar, 1863     Jeux et Jouet du Jeune Age by Gaston Tissandier, 1884     Paper and Scissors in the Schoolroom by Emily Weaver, 1893
  De Kleine Papierwerkers: Volume 4 by Elise Van Calcar, 1863     Les Cocottes de Mon Grand-Pere by Alfred Delvau, 1884     Practical Suggestions for Kindergartners, Primary Teachers and Mothers by Jeannette R Gregory, 1893 (not yet fully integrated)
  Spielbuch fur Knaben by Hermann Wagner, 1864     Spiel und Arbeit by Hugo Elm, 1885 (missing some tables) (not yet fully integrated)     Jeux et Occupations Pour les Petits: Guide des Mères et des Institutrices by Henriette Suzanne Brés, 1894
  Every Little Boy's Book, 1864     Kindergarten Shoho by Iijima Hanjuro, 1885     Pour Amuser les Petits by Tom Tit, 1894
  Spielbuch für Mädchen by Marie Leske, 1865     Instruction pour l'Enseignement Manuel dans les Ecoles Primaires by G Salicis, 1885 (incomplete information)     Pajaritologia by Senesio Delgado, 1894
        Exercises de Travaux Manuels de L'ecole Louis Vauquelin de Rouen, 1886/7     Die Kunst Servietten zu falten, 1894 (incomplete information)
  Warne's Model Cookery by Mary Jewry, 1868     Cours de Travail Manuel (Pour les Garcons) by A Planty, 1887     L'Enseignement Manuel by Rene Leblanc, 1895
  Der Kindergarten by Hermann Goldammer, 1869     Enseignement du Travail Manuel a L'Ecole Primaire by Emile Faivre, 1887     Geometrie, Dessin et Travaux Manuels - Cours Elementaire - M E. Cazes, 1895
  Paradise of Childhood by Edward Wiebe, 1869     Theoretisches und praktisches Handbuch der Fröbelschen Erziehungslehre by Bertha von Marentholtz-Bülow, 1886/7     Geometrie, Dessin et Travaux Manuels - Cours Moyen - M E. Cazes, 1895
        Le Travail Manuel a L'ecole Primaire by M. Coste et J. Lapassade, 1887 (incomplete information)     Course in Paperfolding by Eleenore Heerwart, 1895 (in need of revision)
  Das Frobel'sche Faltblatt by August Kohler, 1872     Le maître et la maîtresse de maison by Mme Louise d'Alq, 1887 (not yet fully integrated)     Der Kindergarten by A S Fischer, 1895
  Hanky Panky by W H Cremer, 1872     Historia de Unas Pajaritas de Papel by Miguel de Unamuno, 1888     Article in La Joie de la Maison, 8th August 1895 (not yet fully integrated)
  The Popular Recreator, 1873     Royal Gifts for the Kindergarten by Frances Post Van Norstrand and Alice H Putnam, 1888     Bamberger's Manual of Paper Folding, Clay Modelling and Cardboard Work by Gabriel Bamberger, 1895 (incomplete information)
        How To Fold Napkins: Appendix to the Steward's Handbook, 1888     Repertorio Completo de Todos los Juegos, 1896
  Exercices et Travaux pour les Enfants Selon la Méthode et les Procédés de Pestalozzi et de Froebel by Fanny and Charles Delon, 1873     L'Enseignement Manuel et Expérimental by Rene Leblanc, 1888-1891 (incomplete information)     The Republic of Childhood: Part 2 Froebel's Occupations by Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora Archibald Smith, 1896 (needs updating)
  Die Praxis Des Kindergartens by August Kohler,1873     La Science Pratique by Gaston Tissandier, 1889     The Kindergarten System Explained by Ada S Ballin and Elinor A Welldon, 1896 (not yet fully integrated)
  Der Kindergarten by Hermann Goldammer, 1874 Edition     Jeux et Travaux Enfantins - Première partie: Le Monde en Papier by Marie Koenig and Albert Durand, 1889 (incomplete information)     Article about Troublewit in The Strand Magazine, 1896
  Dinner Napkins and How to Fold Them by Georgiana G Clarke, 1875 (incomplete information)     Les travaux manuels a l'ecole primaire by Dauzat and Deramond, 1890     Sloyd or Educational Training Manual with Paper, Cardboard, Wood and Iron by Everett Schwartz, 1896
  Des Kindes Erste Beschaftigungsbuch by E Barth and W Niederley, 1876     Scientific Amusements by Henry Frith, 1890     Pliage et Decoupage du Papier by C Savineau, 1897 (incomplete information)
  Cahier de Adele Tissot, 1876     The Boy's Own Book of Indoor Games and Recreations by G A Hutchinson, 1890     Kindergarten Guide by Lois Bates, 1897
  Kindergarten Practice: Part II Froebel's Plane Surfaces by Mary Gurney, 1877     Serviettes and How to Fold Them, 1890     Fröbel’s Theory and Practice by Eleonore Heerwart, 1897 (incomplete information)
  Yochien Ombutsu No Zu, 1878     Exercises Methodiques de Travaux Manuels au Moyen de Pliage de Papier Sans Outils Ni Instruments Adaptes a L'Enseignements des Ecoles Primaires, 1890 (incomplete information)     Travaux Recreatifs Pour les Enfants de 4 a 10 Ans by Marie Koenig, 1898
  Yochien Ho Niju Yuki by Seki Shinzo, 1879     La Science Amusante by Tom Tit, 1890-1893     Le Guide de la Femme du Monde by La Marquise de Pompeillan, 1898 (not yet fully integrated)
  Manual Teorico-Practico de Educacion Parvulos by D Pedro de Alcantara Garcia, 1879     Pleasant Work for Busy Fingers by Maggie Browne, 1891     Le Livre des Amusettes by Toto, 1899
  Die Speisetafel und ihr Arrangement by Maria Wurm, 1879 (incomplete information)     Bulletin de la Societe de Protection des Apprentis,1891     L'Art de Plier les Serviettes de Table by Agnes Verboom, 1899
  Les Récréations Scientifiques by Gaston Tissandier, 1880 to 1888     Education of Head and Hand by Gabriel Bamberger, 1891     How to Teach Paper-folding by Lucy R Latter, 1899 (incomplete information)
1900 to 1949
  La Cuisine Pratique de Francoise, 1900     Paper Magic by Will Blyth, 1920     Origami Moyo, Book One, by Kawarazaki Kodo, 1935 (not yet fully integrated)
  What Shall We Do Now? by Edward Verral Lucas and Elizabeth Lucas, 1900     Juguetes de Papel, c1920 (incomplete information)     Origami Moyo, Book Two, by Kawarazaki Kodo, 1935 (not yet fully integrated)
  Mes Jolie Jeux by Henriette Suzanne Bres, 1900 (not yet fully integrated)           Nichijo saho origami to mizuhiki by Kotaka Otsuma, 1935 (incomplete information)
  Introduccion a la Ensenaza Practica del Sistema de Kindergarten by Ernesto Steiger, 1900 (not yet fully integrated)     Pasteless Paper Construction by Evalyn Hammond, 1921     Togi Sadaji by Abe Shimekichi, 1935 (incomplete information)
  Mathematische unterhaltungenund spiele by W Ahrens, 1901           Allerlei Papierarbeiten by Hilde Wulff and Carola Babick, 1936
              Faltarbeiten aus Papier (1 and 2) Georg Netzband, 1936 (incomplete information)
  Apuntes Para un Tratado de Cocotologia by Miguel de Unamuno, 1902     Houdini's Paper Magic, 1922     Article about Dr Solorzano in La Prensa, November 1936
  Paper Folding for Schools by M Hopkins, 1902 (incomplete information)     Unamuno, Venegas y la Cocotologia / La vida - La evolucion de la pajarita by Ramon Gomez de la Serna, 1922     More Things Any Boy Can Make by Joseph Leeming, 1936 (incomplete information)
  Illustrated Lessons: Paper Folding by W E Sheldon, 1902 (incomplete information)     Lustiges und Merkwurdiges von Zahlen und Formen by Walther Lietzmann, 1922 (incomplete information)     Origami saiku: shuko kyozai by Taneji Nakajima, 1936 (incomplete information)
  How to Fold and Cut Paper by Amos M Kellogg, 1902 (incomplete information)     The Art of Paper Folding in Japan by Frederick Starr, 1922 (not yet fully integrated)     Paper Toy Making by Margaret Campbell, 1937
              Paper Twisting and Crumpling for Infants and Younger Juniors by Gwen M Paviere, 1937 (incomplete information)
              Japanese Classical Art Origami: It's Methods and Samples by Tengai Kikuchi, 1937 (incomplete information)
  La Recreation en Famille by Tom Tit, 1903           Papirolas - Tratado de Papiroflexia by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 1938 (incomplete information)
  Paper Folding by William Hammel,1903 (incomplete information)           Spielzeug - Eine bunte Fibel by Hans-Friedrich Geist and Alfred Mahlau,1938 (incomplete information)
  La Ensenanza del Trabajo Manuel by Pedro de Alcántara García and Teodosio Leal y Quiroga, 1903     Falten und Formen mit Papier by Richard Rothe, 1923 (incomplete information)     Trabajo Manual Educativo by Araminta V Aramburu, 1939 (incomplete information)
        More Paper Magic by Will Blyth, 1923     Plegado by Rufino Yapur, 1939 (incomplete information)
  The Book of Indoor Games by J K Benson, 1904 (incomplete information)           Trabajo Manual by Hernan Pallardo, 1939 (incomplete information)
  Handbuchlein der Papierfaltekunst by Joseph Sperl, 1904 (incomplete information)           Fun with Paper by Joseph Leeming, 1939 (incomplete information)
  Guia Practica del Trabajo Manual Educativo by Ezequiel Solana, 1904     Trabajos Manuales y Juegos Infantiles by Francisco and Pedro Blanch, 1923     El Mundo de Papel by Dr Nemesio Montero, 1939
        Procedes originaux de constructions geometriques by Emile Fourrey, 1924 (incomplete information)     Notes Pour un Traite de Cocotologie in Mercure de France, 1939
  Les Bon Jeudis by Tom Tit, 1906     Joujoux en Papier by Tom Tit, 1924     Papirolas - Doblado y Plegado by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 1939 (incomplete information)
  Article in La Escuela Moderna by Vicente Castro Legua, January 1907     Article about Miguel de Unamuno in Revue des Deux Mondes, 1924     Papirolas - Pajaritalogia by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 1940 (incomplete information)
  Article in La Escuela Moderna by Vicente Castro Legua, February 1907     Papiergestaltung by Paul Engelhardt and Adolf Lillack, 1926 (incomplete information)     Das Lustiges Papierfaltbüchlein by Johanna Huber, abridged and revised edition, 1940 (incomplete information)
  Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1907 edition     Basketry and Paper Folding by Virginia McGaw, 1926 (incomplete information)     At Home Tonight by Herbert McKay, 1940
  Paradise of Childhood by Edward Wiebe, 1907 edition           El Plegado y Cartonaje en la Escuela Primaria by Antonio M Luchia and Corina Luciani de Luchia, 1940
  Les Petits Secrets Amusants by Alber-Graves, 1908     Das Lustiges Papierfaltbüchlein by Johanna Huber, 1927 (incomplete information)     A Handwork Book for Children by Elsa Beskow and Anna Warburh, 1940 (incomplete information)
  A Practical System in Folding, Cutting and Modelling by A Louise Woodford, 1908     Illustration in Kodomo No Kuni magazine, 1927     Papiro-Zoo: Manual Practico de Cocotologia by Giordano Lareo, 1941 (incomplete information)
  Handicraft Teaching Materials and Teaching Methods by Hideyoshi Okayama, 1909 (incomplete information)     Fun with Paper Folding by Murray and Rigney, 1928     After The Dessert by Martin Gardner, 1941
  Petit Manuel de Travaux d'Amateurs by H de Graffigny, 1909     Miguel de Unamuno - der Baskische Bildhauer by Edda Reinhardt, 1928     Paper Magic by U F Grant, 1941 (incomplete information)
        Article in Popular Mechanics magazine, 1928     Origami ni yoru ren-sei by Yasuke Nishidate, 1941 (incomplete information)
  Die Frobelschen Beschaftigungen by Marie Muller-Wunderlich, 1910     Things Any Boy Can Make by Joseph Leeming, 1929 (incomplete information)     Out of a Handkerchief by Frances E Jacobs, 1942 (incomplete information)
  Allerlei Papierarbeiten by Gierke Hildergard and Alice Dorpalen-Kuczinski, 1910 (incomplete information)     Article in Modern Mechanics magazine, 1929     El Libro de Oro de Los Ninos, 1943 (incomplete information)
  Paradise of Childhood by Edward Wiebe, 1910 edition     Practical Handwork for the Infant School: Vol 1 - Paper Occupations by Catherine C Ritchie and Mary D Winter, 1931 (incomplete information)     Fun at Dinner with Napkin Folds by Tom Osbourne , 1943 (incomplete information)
  Un recuerdo puro by Miguel de Unamuno, 1910     Origami to mizuhiki no kakekata zukai by Chiyoko Ogasawara, 1931 (incomplete information)     Fun with Your Child by Mary Mapes, 1943 (incomplete information)
  Distractions Enfantines by Marie Koenig, 1910     Origami Kyo Hon by Mizuhiro Shiki (Michio Uchiyama), 1931 (incomplete information)     Origami Shuko by Isao Honda, 1944 (incomplete information)
  Studies in Invalid Occupation by Susan E Tracy, 1910     Origami Part 1 by Isao Honda, 1931     Papirolas - Tratado de Papiroflexia Superior by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 1945 (incomplete information)
  Educational Handwork by T B Kidner, 1910 (not yet fully integrated)     Origami Part 2 by Isao Honda, 1932 (incomplete information)     Papiroflexia Elemental by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 1945 (incomplete information)
  Handicraft in the School, 1910 (not yet fully integrated)     Le Travail du Papier by B Profit and L Senet, 1932     Napkin Folds by Tom Osbourne, 1945
  Monozukushi-e print by unknown artist c1912     Winter Nights Entertainments by R M Abraham, 1932     Bill-Folds by Al O'Hagan, 1945
  The Boy's Own Book of Indoor Games by Morley Adams, 1912 (incomplete information)     Trabajo Manual by Carmen Champy Alvear, 1932 (incomplete information)     Article in Popular Mechanics magazine, 1946
  Manalive by G K Chesterton, 1912     Images A Plier by M R Chasles, 1932     Pliage, Decoupage, Tissage / Flaten, Scheren, Flechten by Paul Perrelet, 1946 (incomplete information)
  El Trabajo Manual en la Escuela by Félix Martí Alpera, 1914 (not yet fully integrated)     Figuras de Papel, 1932 (incomplete information)     Papirolas Escolares by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 1947 (incomplete information)
  Illustrated Paperfolding by Shaolie Gui, 1914 (incomplete information)     Origami Kirigami To Shuko by Misaki Izumo, 1932 (incomplete information)     Yasahiku dekiru origami to kirinuki tehon by Misaki Izumo, 1947 (incomplete information)
  Occupational Therapy: A Manual for Nurses by William Rush Dunton, 1915     Las Pajaritas de Papel de Unamuno, Article in Estampa magazine, 1932     The Art of Chinese Paperfolding by Maying Soong, 1948
  Scientific Amusements by C G Knott, 1918           Paper-folding: A Popular Pastime by Japan Travel Bureau, 1948 (incomplete information)
  Teaching the Sick: A Manual of Occupational Therapy and Reeducation by George Edward Barton, 1919     Diversions and Pastimes by R M Abraham, 1933     Ce qu'on peut faire avec du papier plie by Marie-Jacqueline Michel-Dubreton, 1948 (incomplete information)
  Paper Tricks by Will Goldston, 1919 (incomplete information)     Jeux de pliages by Ferdinand Krch / Cuori / Coeur, 1933 (not yet fully integrated)     Au Pays des Mains Agiles, 1949
  Enseñanza práctica de la geometría en la escuela primaria: Metodología by Vera Penaloza, c1919 (incomplete information)     Origami-Kyohon by Michio Uchiyama, 1933 (incomplete information)     Over the Coffee Cups by Martin Gardner, 1949 (incomplete information)
  Shikaka Origami Dzukai, c1920 (incomplete information)     Apuntes Para un Tratado de Cocotologia by Miguel de Unamuno, 1934 Revised Edition     Papercraft: How to Make Toys, favors and Useful Articles by Joseph Leeming, 1949 (incomplete information)
1950 to 1970
This section also includes pages about exhibitions and other events taking place during the period.
  Occupons Nos Doigts by Raymond Richard, 1950 (incomplete information)     Paperfolding for Beginners by Murray and Rigney, 1960     Origami: The Folding Papers of Japan: Film by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1966 (not yet fully integrated)
  Plezier met Papier by Aart van Breda, 1950 (incomplete information)     Paper Folding Fun by Robert Harbin, 1960 (not yet fully integrated)     Sunny Origami: Angel Book by Keinichi Fukuda, 1966 (incomplete)
  Origami to Kirinuki by Saburo Ueda, 1951 (incomplete information)     Origami: The Oriental Art of Paper Folding by Harry C Helfman, 1960 (incomplete information)     Origami o Tanoshimu Hon by Kunihiko Kasahara, 1966
  Origami: Folding Paper for Children by Claude Sarasas, 1951     All About Origami by Isao Honda, 1960 (incomplete information)     Schucken und Schenken mit Origami by Irmgard Kneissler, 1966 (incomplete information)
  El Mundo de Papel by Dr Nemesio Montero, 1951 extended edition     Origami by Tokinobu and Hideko Mihara, 1960 (incomplete information)     The Executive Manual on the Construction of Paper Projectiles by Rik Olson, 1966 (incomplete information)
  Papiroflexia by Elias Gutierrez Gil, 1951     Origami 2 by Tokinobu and Hideko Mihara, 1960 (incomplete information)     The Origamian, Volume 6: 1966
  Pasteless Construction with Paper by Maria Gilbert Martin, 1951 (incomplete information)     Origami Storybook by Florence Sakade, 1960 (incomplete information)      
  Una Hoja de Papel by Lorenzo Herrero, 1952 (not yet fully integrated)     Happy Origami: Swallow books by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1960 (incomplete information)      
  Bibliography of Paper Folding by Gershon Legman, 1952 (not yet fully integrated)     Happy Origami: Whale books by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1960 (incomplete information)     The Great International Airplane Book by Mander, Dippel and Gossage, 1967
  Article on the work of Akira Yoshizawa in Asahi Graf, January 1952     The Art of Origami by Samuel Randlett, 1961     Origami Asobi by Koshio Uchiyama, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Articles on the work of Akira Yoshizawa in Fujin Koron (Ladies’ Opinion) magazine April to December, 1952 (incomplete information)     Article in Chicago Daily Tribune, June 1961     Origami Folding Fun: Pony Book by Isao Honda, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Article on the work of Akira Yoshizawa in Asahi Shimbun, 15th December 1952     A Japanese Paper-Folding Classic by Julia and Martin Brossman, 1961     Origami Folding Fun: Kangaroo Book by Isao Honda, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Avonturen met Papier by Aart van Breda, 1952 (incomplete information)     Origami Zoo: Animal Book by Isao Honda, 1961 (incomplete information)     Origami Festival by Isao Honda, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Pleasure with Paper by Aart van Breda, 1954 (not yet fully integrated)     Origami Zoo: Bird Book by Isao Honda, 1961 (incomplete information)     Origami Holiday by Isao Honda, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Atari Origami Geijuitsu by Akira Yoshizawa, 1954 (incomplete information)     Easy-to-do Entertainments and Diversions with Coins, Cards, String, Paper and Matches by R M Abraham, 1961     Origami Dokuhon 1 by Akira Yoshizawa, 1967 (not yet fully integrated)
  Articles on the work of Yoshizawa in Shufu no Tomo (Young Ladies’ Friend) magazine, 1954 (incomplete information)     The Origamian, Volume 2: Summer 1961 to Autumn 1962 (incomplete)     Creative Origami by Akira Yoshizawa, 1967
  Exhibition of works by Akira Yoshizawa at Cagnes-sur-Mer in 1955     Article in Chicago Tribune, 4th February 1962     Creative Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara, 1967 (not yet fully integrated)
  Exhibition of works by Akira Yoshizawa at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1955     Folding Paper Puppets by Shari Lewis and Lillian Oppenheimer, 1962     Jolly Origami Bossy book by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Article in Utrechts Nieuwsblad dated 12th November, 1955 (incomplete information)           Jolly Origami Rooster book by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Article in Goed Nieuws dated 17th December, 1955           Jolly Origami Birdie book by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Het Grote Vouwboek by Aart van Breda, 1955 (incomplete information)           Origami Playtime by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1967 (incomplete information)
  Adventures with Paper by Aart van Breda, 1955 (not yet fully integrated)     Papiroflexia Zoomorphica by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 2 Volumes, 1962     Article about Rose Dabbs in Good Housekeeping, December 1967
  Paper Magic by Robert Harbin, 1956     Origami by Koshio Uchiyama, 1962 (incomplete information)     The Origamian, Volume 7: 1967
  Article in La Patria Unita, 15th January, 1956 (not yet fully integrated)     Living Origami Book 1 by Isao Honda, 1962 (incomplete information)     The Origami Monthly, 1967 (not yet fully integrated)
  Article in Munda Argentina, 18th July, 1956 (incomplete information)                
  Un zoo en papier plie by Marie-Jacqueline Michel-Dubreton, 1956 (incomplete information)     Living Origami Book 2 by Isao Honda, 1962 (incomplete information)      
  Origami: Japanese Paperfolding by Isao Honda, 1957 (incomplete information)     Pop-Up Origami Johnny book by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1962 (incomplete information      
  Origami: Japanese Paperfolding - Penguin Book by Isao Honda, 1957 (incomplete information)     Pop-Up Origami Kitty book by Tatsuo Miyawaki, 1962 (incomplete information)     Origami in the Classroom: Book 2 by Chiyo Araki, 1968 (not yet fully integrated)
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After 1970 - Selected Sources Only
Later books by Robert Harbin
  More Origami (aka Origami 2) by Robert Harbin, 1971 (not yet fully integrated)     Origami: A Step by Step Guide by Robert Harbin, 1974     Origami 4 by Robert Harbin, 1977
  Origami 3 by Robert Harbin, 1972 (not yet fully integrated)       Have Fun with Origami by Robert Harbin, 1975      
Later sources about Modular Origami