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Cartoon 'Les Armes du Grand Poulot' in 'La Caricature' No 63 of 12 January, 1832

The cartoon 'Les Armes du Grand Poulot' was published in 'La Caricature' No 63 of 12 January 1832. It includes images of a Cocotte, a Newspaper hat and a number of playing cards folded, or at least bent, in half, which appear to have bayonets protruding from them.


It is worth noting that the publication of this drawing, along with an article and another drawing from the same issue, was the basis of a prosecution brought against the editor of La Caricature, Charles Philipon, which resulted in him being sentenced to six months imprisonment and being fined 2000 francs. (Information from Juan Gimeno)

This outcome was reported in La Caricature of 15th March 1832.