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Catalogue of the Plane Geometry and Fancy Figures Exhibition, 1959
This early exhibition of paperfolding was held in New York at the Cooper Union Museum for the Arts and Decoration in 1959.

The catalogue is notable for including a historical introduction by Edward Kallop (which also appeared in 'The Art of Origami' by Samual Randlett, which was published by E P Dutton in New York in 1961).

Edward Kallop was the Associate Curator of Exhibitions at the Cooper Union Museum. The information given in his introduction has been widely repeated in other sources. It is, however, highly questionable in some places.


Juan Gimeno has told me that the Miguel de Unamuno designs, the Table, Crow, Teapot, Elephant and Frog, were folded by either Felisa de Unamuno or her sister Maria. A photograph of the Table is given in the catalogue. The Teapot is well known as La Tetera. The other three designs cannot be specifically identified at present.