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Pajaritologia by Senesio Delgado, 1894
'Pajaritologia', by Senesio Delgado, is an article published in the Spanish satirical magazine 'Madrid Comico' (of which Senesio Delgado was the Director) on 13th January 1894. The article uses the folding of Cocottes / Pajaritas to make satirical points about art and contemporary thought. It is possible that the article inspired or influenced Miguel de Unamuno in the writing of his much more famous 'Apuntes para un tratado de cocotologia', and its existence also perhaps explains why Miguel de Unamuno chose to use the word 'cocotologia' rather than the more obvious 'pajaritologia' in his own work. There is, however, no direct evidence that Miguel de Unamuno was aware of the earlier work.

The beginning of the fourth lesson explains in words how to fold a Cocotte / Pajarita.

The article was also published, in Madrid in the same year, in 'Articulos de Fantasia por Senesio Delgado'. A copy of this work can be accessed here.

If anyone can help with either a transliteration of the Spanish or a translation of the text into English I will be most grateful.



There is a mention of 'Pajaritologia, in the last paragraph of an article in the Buenos Aires edition of 'Caras y Caretas' for 26th September 1908, issue 521, which explained how to make the Flapping Bird.