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Origami (Part 2) by Isao Honda, 1932
'Origami (Part 2)' by Isao Honda was published in Japan, in Japanese, in 1932. I do not believe it has ever been issued in an English language version. Part 1 of the work was published in the previous year.

I have not been able to access a full verson of this book or of its contents. The limited information on this page has been furnished to me by Koshiro Hatori.

It is important to note that, according to information about the author, also received from Koshiro Hatori, 'Aspiring to be a painter, he (Isao Honda) traveled to Europe in 1908 (with some references to 1905) and studied Western painting and printing in Paris and London.'

Because of this we cannot be certain in all cases whether the designs in this book are traditional Japanese designs, designs brought to Japan by Froebelian educators, Honda's own inventions or adaptations, or designs learned during his time studying in the West.

There are 61 designs in the book in all. They include:

The Tematebako


The Hexagonal Tematebako

This is stated in 'The Art and Wonder of Origami', by Kunihiko Kasahara, Apple Press, 2004.


The Froebel Star


The Mouse (pictured on the cover)


The Flapping Dove

(If the tail of this design is pulled the wings will waggle slightly, but they will not flap freely in the way the wings of the Flapping Bird will do.)