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Woman's Educational Mission, 1855

'Woman's Educational Mission: Being an Explanation of Frederich Froebel's System of Infant Gardens', by Baroness von Marenholtz, translated into English by Elizabeth, Countess Krockow von Wickerode, was published by Darton and Co in London in 1855.

The Translator's Preface is dated January 1855 and explains that by Baroness von Marenholtz had sent Froebelian materials to be exhibited at the Educational Exhibition of the Society of Arts in 1854.

Page 8 mentions that another of Froebel's pupils, Heinrich Hoffman is at present in London promoting Froebel's methods.

A full copy of the work can be accessed online here.





The main text includes mention of several of Froebel's paperfolding occupations. These are the earliest descriptions we have of what these occupations consisted of.

'Folding Paper' (Falten)


'Stringing Paper' (Verschnuren)



'Plaiting Paper' (Flechten)



'Cutting Paper' (Ausschneiden und Aufkleben)