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The 1885 engraving of the Flapping Bird

  These Individual Design pages contain information about individual paperfolding designs taken from verifiable sources. The information provided should be accurate but, in some cases, it may not be all the information available.

Some designs, mostly those which only occur once in the literature (or in multiple books by the same author) are not recorded separately in this section. You can, however, locate information about them through the relevant Topics and Indexes page.

Some designs have many different names in the literature. In order to avoid confusion as to which design is being referred to, where I have made an Individual Design page for a design, I have given it a standard name, usually, but not always, in English, which is used throughout this site. On this page this standard name is used as the main title of the Individual Design page relating to that particular design.

If you can't find the design you are looking for on this page then try looking for the standard name I have recorded it under by using the Topics and Indexes page.

Miscellaneous Paperfolding Magical Tricks, Stunts and Effects
  The Afghan Bands / Les Anneaux Mysterieuse     The Coin Fold Magical Effect     How to Flatten a Mobius Band into a Regular Hexagon with a 'Coup de Poing'
  How to Catch Birds with Paper Cones     How to Write Neatly in the Dark     How to Construct Accurate Right Angles by Folding Paper
  How to Cover a Book     How to Divide an Angle into Three Equal Parts     How to Sum the Angles of a Triangle
  The Buddha Papers     How to Divide a Square into Smaller Squares with a Single Cut     The Fold and Switch Effect
  How to Make a Chain from a Playing Card     How to Drop a Strip of Paper to Land on One Edge     How to Transform a Tube into a Tetrahedron
  The Cheesecake of Cards     How to Make the Largest Possible Envelope from a Given Rectangle     How to Melt Tin in a Playing Card
  How to Find the Centre of a Circle by Folding     How to Open and Close a Paper Flower Using a Soap Bubble     How To Trace an Oval with a Pair of Compasses
  How to Climb Through a Playing Card     The Immovable Card     How to Turn a Bank Note Upside Down
  How to Pass a Big Coin Through a Small Hole     How to Melt Lead in Paper / The Paper Furnace     How to Boil Water in a Paper Pan
Paperfolding Puzzles and Mathematical Paperfolding Puzzles
Fold and One Cut Designs
Practical and Recreational Paperfolds (whose original designer is unknown)
  The 3x3 Wrap           Le Petit Papier / El Papelito
  The Accordion            
        The Spanish Elephant     The Pig
  The Air Force Cap     The Fifth Pig and similar propaganda fold-ins     The Pipe Cap
  The Albatross     The Flapping Bird     The Plaited Belt
  The Armchair / The Settee     The Flapping Butterfly      
  Tab and Slit Paper Bands     The Flapping Dove      
  The Paper Banger (both the single-barrelled and double-barrelled versions)     The Flat Bottomed Boat      
  The Primitive Paper Banger     Paper Flights for Darts     The Playing Card Cube
  The Basic Box     The Flying Fly     The Playing Card Monk / Capuchin de Carte
  The Basic Packet     Four Rhombi     The Paper Pop Gun
  The Basic Packet with Integral Noshi     The Fox Face     Le Porte-Allumettes / La Violetera
  The Basket with Handle     The Fox Mask     The Portfolio
  The Hand Basket     The Frame and the Picture Frame     The Postman
  The Bed     The Windmill Base Frame     The Postman's Hat
  The Bellows     The Froebel Star / Moravian Star / German Star / Swedish Star     The Printer's Hat / The Pressman's Hat
  The Bench and the Bench wth Arms     The Inflatable Frog / Japanese Jumping Frog     The Propellor / Helice
  The Bishop's Mitre / Bishop's Crown     The Cut Frog     The Puff Ball
  The Blintz Box or Masu     The Waterbomb Base Frog     The Three-Piece Purse
  The Blotting Paper Holder / Le Sous-Main Buvard     The Jumping Frog / Business Card Frog     The Puzzle Purse
  The Blowpipe and Darts     Fukusuke     The Pyramidal Hat
  The Blunt Ended Boat / Canoe     Simple Fukusuke     The Inflatable Rabbit
  The Paper Boat / Paper Boat with Three Sails / Paper Boat Hat / The Captain's Shirt     The Walking Giraffe / Le Girafe Marchant     The Japanese Rabbit
        Slit and Stretch Paper Garlands      
        The Cut Goldfish      
  The Boat with Fishbox     The Inflatable Goldfish     The Lop-Eared Rabbit (Cut)
  The Boat with Sail / Trick Boat / Cradle with Hood / Oil Lamp     The Gondola     The Rectangular Packet
  The Bonbon Bird     The Wild Goose     The Japanese Robin (Cut)
  The Square Hat / Le Bonnet Carre     The Hat     A Purse in the Shape of a Rose with Twelve Leaves
        The Cut Heron      
  The Pair of Boots     The Hexagonal Packet     The Sailboat
  The Box with Handles / La Boite a Anses     The Hexagonal Incense Packet     The Salt Cellar / The Pepperpot
        The Hibachi     The Salt Wrap
        The (Cut) Horse / Llama     The Sampan / The Rainy Day Sampan / The Inside Out Boat (Fune) / The Fishing Boat
  The Bric-a-Brac Box / Old Scholar Hat     Footsoldiers / Horses and Riders / Ross und Reiter     The Sanbo
  The Business Card Holder     The Hot Air Balloon     The Sanbo on Legs and its derivative designs
  The Butterchurn     The House     The Scent Bottle
  The Kabuto-Base Butterfly     The House with Forecourt / Garden     The Fish-Base Seal (Cut)
  The Fold and Slit Cage, the Fold and Slit Fishing Net and the Fold and Slit Trellis     The Hyperbolic Paraboloid      
  The Cake Basket     The Incense Box     The Shanghai Star and Basket
  The Cake Box     The Inkwell     The Ship / The Clothes Drying Boat
  The Carrier Pigeon / Eagle / Bird Flies Off Your Hand / The Flying Wing           The Ship's Wheel Magical Effect
  The Catherine of Cleves Box     The Improvised Brassiere     The Hat / The Shirt
        The Iris     The Short Sleeved Shirt
  The Chair     The Jacket / The Trousers (Hakama) / The Suit of Clothes / The Doll / The Dog     The Shovel
  The Chameleon Game / Jeu Cameleonien     The Japanese Box / La Boite Japonaise     The Simple Wallet
  Paper Chains     The Japanese Church     The (Cut) Paper Snapper
        The Japanese House     The Paper Boat Snapper
        The Japanese Purse (tato)     The Socks / Tabi
  The Chessboard     The Japanese Vase     The Soldier's Cap / The Poke Bonnet
  The Chickenwire Letterfold     The Jumping Bean     The Solid Box
  The Chinese Junk     The Junk Box     The Sofa / Organ / Piano / Chair
  The Chinese Wallet / Jacob's Ladder     The Kabuto / Samurai Helmet     The Sou'wester / Gorro de Aguas
  The Chrysanthemum and the Chrysanthemum Box     The Keelboat     The Spanish Box
  The Kabuto Base Cicada / La Mosca     The Kettle and the Open Top Kettle     The Fat Sparrow
  The Crossover Cicada     The Kikuzara / The Chrysanthemum Dish / The Japanese Ornamental Ball     The Slit and Assemble Cube and Sphere
  The Cigar Case     The Kimono     The Spiral Snake
  The Clapper     The King's Crown / The Battleship     The Paper Spring
  The Claw     Le Kiosque Japonais     The Square Letterfold
  The Cocked-Hat Note     The Flyable Kite     The Squeaker
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1800 to 1849     The Kite (non-flying)     The Squid / Drachen / Pez Raya
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1850 to 1874     Kite Bows     The Stairs
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1875 to 1899     Komoso     The Stand / The Crib / The Seat / The Piano Stool / The Bathchair
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1900 to 1924     The Lantern     The Star-Shaped Box
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1925 to 1970     The Long Lantern     The Steamship / The Well
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Japan     The Fold and Cut Lantern     Making Paper String
  The Cocotte in a Boat / Pajarita in a Boat     The Large Box     The Sugar Tongs
              The Sumo Wrestler
  The Folded Code     The Lighthouse Bookmark     The Lazy Susan
        The Lily / Bellflower     The Swallow (paper plane)
  The Collapsible Box     The Long Box      
  The Collar           The Cut Swallow (bird)
  The Paper Cone / Grocer's Cone     The Lotus / Waterlily     Another Simple Swan
  The Flying Cone           The Table and the Tablecloth
  The Corner Cabinet / The Shelf (L'Etagere)     The Love Knot Letterfold     The Tachibana / Persimmon
  The Court-Plaster Case     The Lover's Knot     The Takarabune
  The Cradle     The Magazine Cover Box     The Talking Fish
  The Paper Crane / Tsuru / Orizuru     The Magic Hat / Bonnet de Magicien / Bonnete de Magico     The Teapot Stand
        The Magic Purse / Zaubertüte     The Tematebako / The Cubical Box
        Fold and One Cut Maltese Cross / Iron Cross     The Hexagonal Tematebako / The Japanese Hexagon Puzzle Box
        The Menko     The Tenjin Shrine
              The One Fold Tent / Book
  The Nesting Crane     The Minogame / Ancient Turtle     The Waterbomb Base Tent
  The Plump Crane     The Mirror and the Looking Glass     The Thread Container
        The Mitre / The Pencil Case     The Three-Cornered Note
  The Crane Envelope     The Tuck-in Mitre     The Three Scrolls
  Le Cri du Veau / Trumpet / Flute     The Mobius Band     Fold and Slit Paper Tinsel
  The Cross / The Double Cross     The Cut and Fold Model Aeroplane     The Travel Bag
  The Cross Star     Le Moineau (The Sparrow)     Troublewit
        The Monk's Hat     The Trousers (Hakama)
  The Simple Crow     The Monster Fish     The Trough
  The Crow with Legs     The Morning Glory / Carnation     The Turban
  The Paper Cup     The Muff      
  The Cup and Saucer     The Mushikago     The Cut Turtle
  The Curate's Hat     The Mystery Box     The Twist Box
        The Nagakabuto / Party Hat     The Urn
  The Paper Dart / The Arrow     The Newspaper Hat     The Vase / The Cravat
        The Newspaper Ladder / Newspaper Pagoda     Verdi's Vase
  The Paper Doily     The Newspaper Sword     La Voiture de Cartes
  The Chain of Dolls     The Newspaper Tree     The Wagon / El Carro
  The Donkey with Panniers / Pack Mule with Panniers     The Nightingale     The Wallet
  The Donkey-Eared Dunces Hat           The Wall Pocket
        The Novelty Purse     The Warship
  Don Simon     The Nurse's Cap     The Waterbomb
  The Double Boat (Nisobune) and the Double Hulled Boat     The Pavilion / The Pagoda / The Archway     The Whizzer
  Another Double Boat     The Game of Paper, Scissors, Stone     The Wild Man From Borneo / Le Diablotin / El Gatito / Cat's Head
  The Double Boat with Sail     Ocho and Mecho Butterflies     The Windmilll and the Bicolour Windmill
  The Double Boat with Two Sails     The Fold and Cut Paper Parachute     The Cut and Fold Windmill
        The Patisserie Box     The Wind Wheel
  The Double Fishbox     16th Century Dutch Patriotic Pamphlets     The Winnowing Box
  The Dove (bird)           The Witch's Ladder / Devil's Staircase / Hexentrappe / Harmonika
  The Dove (paper plane)           The Workman's Hat ( aka the Carpenter's Hat)
  The Dragon / The Flounder     La Peniche / Le Bateau Ponte     The Woven Basket
  The Cut Dragonfly     The Pentagonal Knot and the See-Through Pentagram     The Woven Cross
  Another Cut Dragonfly           The Woven Heart and Woven Heart Basket
  The Drinking Bird     Persimmon     The Yacht
  The Duck           Yakko-san / Fukura Suzume / Monkey
  The Dustpan           The Yarn Spool / Holy Place / Memorial Arch
              The Zigzag Corrugation
Selected recreational designs by known designers
  Harbin's Swan     Rhoads' Elephant     The Sonobe Module
  Jackson's Cube     Solorzano's Pavo Real / Peacock     Yoshizawa's Butterfly
  Neale's Skeletal Octahedron