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The Wall Pocket
This page is being used to collecxt information about the history of the paperfolding design I call the Wall Pocket. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.

This is a very simple design developed from the Newspaper Hat or the Pyramidal Hat.



As far as I know this design first occurs as a survival in the Cahier de Adele Tissot, which can be dated to 1876.



As 'Bandtasche' (Wall Pocket) in 'Illustriertes Spielbuch fur Kinder' by Ida Bloch was published by Otto Spamer in Leipzig in 1891.



The same design occurs as 'Petit vide-poches' (Small Empty Pockets) in 'Le Travail Manuel a L'ecole Primaire' by Jully & Rocheron, which was published by Librairie Classique Eugene Belin in Paris in 1892.



It also occurs as 'Rinconera' (Corner), in Guia Practica del Trabajo Manual Educativo' by Ezequiel Solana, which was published by Editorial Magisterio Espaņol in Madrid in 1904. The wording says 'hung on a ring on the wall it can be used at school to hold clarions, blackboards and other small objects.' It may, perhaps, be called a Corner because that is where it would be hung to best advantage.