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The Double Fishbox / The Portfolio
This page is being used to collect information about the history of the paperfolding design known as the (Boat with) Double Fishbox / The Portfolio. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



A design called 'Le double réservoir pour les poissons' (double tanks for fish) appears in a list of designs in the 'Manuel Pratique de Jardins D'Enfants de Friedrich Froebel, which was compiled by J F Jacobs and published in Brussells and Paris in 1859. From its position in the list it is almost certain that this design is the Boat with Two Fishboxes.



A design called 'Einen Doppelkasten', which is not illustrated, but which from the context is most probably the Double Fishbox, appears in a list of designs in 'Der Kindergarten' by Hermann Goldammer, which was published by Habel in Berlin in 1869.



As far as I know an illustration of the design first appears in 'Des Kindes Erste Beschaftigungsbuch' by E Barth and W Niederley, which was first published in Bielefeld and Leipzig, and the foreword of which is dated October 1876.



There is mention of a design called 'The Purse', but no illustration, in 'The Kindergarten Principle' by Mary J Lyschinska, which was published in London in 1880 by Wm Isbister Ltd. This is most probably the Boat with Two Fishboxes design.


The design also appears:


As 'The Double Fishbox or Pair of Panniers for a Donkey' in part two of 'The Kindergarten Guide' by Maria Kraus Boelte and John Kraus, which was probably first published in 1882 by E. Steiger and Company in New York.



As 'Li Vertuli' in 'Giuochi Fanciulleschi Siciliani' by Giuseppe Pitri, which was published by Luigi Pedone Lauriel in Palermo in 1883.



Diagrams for 'Un pante a ane' (panniers for a donkey) appear in 'Les travaux manuels a l'ecole primaire a l'usage des ecoles de garcons' by Dauzat and Deramond, which was published by Alcide, Picard et Kaan in Paris in



In 'Pleasant Work for Busy Fingers' by Maggie Browne,published by Cassell and Company in London in 1891, which is an English version of 'Des Kindes Erste Beschaftigungsbuch' enhanced by the addition of a few extra designs..



As 'Le Porte-Monnaie' in 'Jeux et Occupations Pour les Petits: Guide des Mères et des Institutrices' by Henriette Suzanne Brés was published by Librairie Classique Fernand Nathan in Paris in 1894



In 'Le Livre des Amusettes', by Toto which was published in Paris by Charles Mendel in 1899.



In 'Die Frobelschen Beschaftigungen: Das Falten' by Marie Muller-Wunderlich, which was published by Friedrich Brandstetter in Leipzig in 1900.



In the 6th June 1903 issue of the French children's magazine 'Mon Journal' under the title of 'la serviette'.



As 'Serviette' in 'Les Petits Secrets Amusants' by Alber-Graves, which was published by Librairie Hachette in Paris in 1908.



As 'A Purse' in 'Handicraft in the School', which was issued in four volumes by Gresham Publishing in London in 1910.



A version folded from a blintzed windmill base appears in 'Fun with Paperfolding' by William D Murray and Francis J Rigney, which was published by the Fleming H Revell Company, New York in 1928.



As 'Cartera' in booklet 2 of 'Trabajos Manuales Salvatella - Plegado de figuras de papel', which was published by Editorial Miguel A Salvatera in Barcelona, pobably in or around 1929.



As 'The Wallet / Pocketbook' in 'Fun with Paper' by Joseph Leeming, which was published by Spencer Press Inc in Chicago in 1939.