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Friedrich Frobel

  The Paperfolding People and Organisations pages in this section are being used to collect information about people who are either:

Famous people who have some connection to paperfolding


People who are not otherwise famous but who have nevertheless made a significant contribution to paperfolding history.

And paperfolding organisations.

These pages should not be relied on as complete and accurate paperfolding biographies, but rather as sources on which such a biography could be partly based.

Paperfolding People
  Joseph Albers and paperfolding at the Bauhaus (incomplete)     Eric Kenneway     Natividad Sánchez-Ferrero
  Giuseppe Baggi     Gershon Legman     Sadako Sasaki
  Alfred Bestall     Was Leonardo da Vinci a paperfolder?     Percy Bysshe Shelley and his love of Paper Boats
  Adolfo Cerceda / Carlos Corda     Frieda Lourie     Philip Shen
  Toshio Chino     Baroness Bertha von Marenholz-Bulow     Seki Shinzo
  Patricia Crawford     Marie de Guise's Paper Poulets     Jack J Skillman
  The paperfolding of Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll)     Emmanuel Mooser     Vicente Solorzano Sagredo
  Neal Elias     Ligia Montoya     E D Sullivan
  Cy Endfield     Robert E Neale     Toshie Takahama
  Friedrich Froebel and paperfolding in the Kindergarten     John M Nordquist     Florence Temko
  Martin Gardner     Peter Van Note     Okimasa (Kosho) Uchiyama
  Alber-Graves / Le Prestidigitateur Alber     Yoshinaga Ogawa     Mitsuhiro (Michio) Uchiyama
  Robert Harbin     Yoko Ono     Miguel de Unamuno
  Isao Honda     Lillian Oppenheimer     Iris Walker
  Joan of Arc and the Mitre of Infamy     Samuel Randlett     Harry Weiss
  Kunihiko Kasahara     George Rhoads     Thoki Yenn
  Toyoaki Kawai     Frederic G Rohm     Richard of York and the Paper Crown
        James Minoru Sakoda     Akira Yoshizawa
Paperfolding Organisations
  The Sosaku Origami Group '67     Nippon Origami Sakka Kyokai (Japan Origami Creator's Association)     Nippon Origami Association (NOA)