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The paperfolding of Toyoaki Kawai

Toyoaki Kawai was born in ... and died in ....



David Lister wrote an article on Kawai and Others (undated) which says he was originally a pupil of Yoshizawa.

[Origami teacher Toyoaki Kawai and wife, Atsuko, Los Angeles, California, May 4, 1965] – Works – Japanese American National Museum (




Vol 4: Issue 2 of 'The Origamian' for Summer 1964 contains a report of 'A Paperfolder's Trip to Japan' by Florence Temko, which describes her meeting with Kawai:


The same edition of 'The Origamian' contained an article titled 'At Long Last: Japanese Paperfolders Establish Contact With the Origami Center' which invited American paperfolders to correspond with Toyoaki Kawai, among others:



It appears that in Summer 1965 Kawai visited the World's fair in New York:

Vol 6: Issue 2 of 'The Origamian' for Summer 1966 carried a profile of T Kent du Pre, written by Alice Gray, which stated, inter alia:



'The Origamian' Vol 7: Issue 3 of Winter 1967 contains an article by Toshie Takahama titled 'Origami in Japan Today' in which Toyoaki Kawai is mentioned.