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Les Jardins d'Enfants by Mme. La Baronne de Marenholz, 1860.

'Les Jardins d'Enfants' by Mme. La Baronne de Marenholz was published by Imprimerie L Vincent in Lausanne in 1860.

This book contains just brief references to the paperfolding occupations and a useful Bibliography.

The references are to the folding of Schonheitsformen (Forms of Beauty) and to the making of Ausschneiden und Aufkleben (Cutting Out and Sticking On) decorations.

The Bibliography evidences that 'Manual Pratique des Jardins d'Enfants' par Jacobs has been, or at least were intended to be, translated into both German and English.

It is rather odd that the English and German titles are translated back into French.

A full copy of this work can be accessed online here.


Selected Pages

In English, roughly translated: 'In another cabinet we see collections of geometric or fantasy figures, madeby folding a square of paper; it is a progressive series of one hundred and twenty pieces, each form emerges from the previous one. The different folds that the children make prepare them for the study of geometry, and the hand achieves astonishing skill. Then we see many cutouts forming the prettiest designs. The pieces of paper that remain from the cutouts are used to make other drawings, gluing them onto cardboard'