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Bibliography of Paper Folding by Gershon Legman, 1952
According to David Lister (see his article on Martin Gardner) Gershon Legman published a preliminary edition of his bibliography in the magazine "Magicol" in May 1952. The full version was privately published in booklet form as 'Bibliography of Paper Folding'later in that year. My grateful thanks to Wayne Brown for providing me with a copy.

As far as I know this bibliography was not subsequently revised.

Legman cannot resist adding acerbic comments to some of the entries, in one of which which he calls Heerwart's book, 'The end-point of the sterile complexity of theFroebel folds', clearly betraying his failure to understand the Froebelian emphasis on experiment and creativity.

Legman sent a copy of this work to Robert Harbin on 8th April 1955. (Information from Laura Rosenberg.) Harbin subsequently used it as the basis of a bibliography in his book 'Paper Magic', published in 1956.

Legman also gifted a copy to Lillian Oppenheimer in 1957 (see below).


Notes and errata

Entry for Ahrens - 'Mathematische unterhaltungenund spiele' was first published in 1901 not 1919.

Entry for Chanin, Jack - This design is a fold, cut and fold design published as the Lopeared Rabbit . See entry for 1947 here.

Entry for Charles M R - should be Chasles.

Entry for 'How to Make the Airship' - the 'airship' was a cut out and glue together model of a paper aeroplane, not a paperfold.

Juguetes de Papel - Pasatiempo is the series name not the author. Probably c1920.

Entry for Penaloza, Vera - title and date should be 'Enseñanza práctica de la geometría en la escuela primaria: Metodología', c1919.

Entry for Ritchie - title should be 'Practical Handwork for the Infant School: Vol 1 - Paper Occupations'.

Entry for Rocheron - should be presumably be for 'Le Travail Manuel a L'ecole Primaire' by Jully & Rocheron first published 1892.


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