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Spiel und Sport by Dr Jan Daniel Georgens, 1882

'Spiel und Sport' by Dr Jan Daniel Georgens was published by Verlag und Drud von Otto Spamer in Leipzig and Berlin in 1882

A full copy of the work can be accessed online here.




How to Drop a Strip of Paper to Land on One Edge


Letter Folding Challenges

Roughly paraphrased this passage reads: 'Paper games. An octave sheet should be folded into a closed letter in the shape of a triangle (ie presumably the Triangular Letter Fold). Each person takes it in turn to make a fold. Anyone who folds the wrong way pays a forfeit. A second challenge is to fold a closed letter with eight squared fractions from an octave sheet.'

I do not know what form the second of these letters would take.


How to Make a Chain from a Playing Card


Multiple-Image Pleated Paper Pictures