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Article on the work of Akira Yoshizawa in Asahi Graf, January 1952
'An article about the design work of Akira Yoshizawa, entitled 'The New World of Origami', was published in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Graf on January 9th 1952.

It featured:

A design for a turtle folded from a square.

A design for a standing crane folded from a right angle isosceles triangle.

Designs for the twelve animals of the Japanese zodiac. Of these the rooster and the snake appear to be from single sheets and the remaining ten appear to be compound glued designs, probably from two sheets each.

The illustrations on ths page are taken from the article 'Unwrapping the Riddle of Yoshizawa-Legman' by Laura Rosenberg, which was published in 'The Fold' issue 68 for January-February 2022 and come from the Gershon Legman archives at Museo del Origami in Colonia, Uruguay.

The translations, such as they are, are from Google lens. If you can improve them please let me know.


The article title (on the right) reads ' 'The New World of Origami'.

The text on the left is headed 'Jade Mirror'. I cannot make sense of he text below it.

The text on the left at the foot of the page mentions Akira Yoshizawa and gives some brief biographical details about him and the way the zodiac is folded, but much of what it says is unclear to me.

The text at the right at the foot of the page is an explanation of the photo of Yoshizawa teaching children to fold.


The text at the left says, 'The turtle is folded from a square with claws on its four legs. I'm proud of it.'

The text on the right says that the crane is folded from a right-angle isosceles triangle and that the neck and legs can be bent.

The box at the bottom left is nothing to do with the article.