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Paper Folding and Cutting by Katherine M Ball, 1892
'Paper Folding and Cutting' by Katherine M Ball was published by the Prang Educational Company in Boston in 1892. It contains fold and one cut methodologies for creating many polygonal shapes and for rosettes and other decorative designs based upon them.

A full copy of the work can be accessed at

This extract from the author's preface sets out the origin of these designs. The author is apparently unaware that a method of creating a fold and one cut pentagram was already known.

At the beginning of Chapter 2 the author states:

The methods for making polygonal shapes from a square contained in this work are shown below. Similar methods are given for folding from a circle. For methods of obtaining the various related decorative foils, rosettes and borders see full original work.

The Square, The Octagon, the Four-Pointed Star, the Eight-Pointed Star


The Equilateral Triangle, The Hexagon, The Three-Pointed Star, The Six-Pointed Star


The Pentagon and the Five-Pointed Star


The Heptagon and the Seven-Pointed Star


The Nonagon and the Nine-Pointed Star