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Paper Folding and Cutting by Katherine M Ball, 1892
'Paper Folding and Cutting' by Katherine M Ball was published by the Prang Educational Company in Boston in 1892. It contains fold and one cut methodologies for creating many polygonal shapes and symmetrical designs cut from them.

A full copy of the work can be accessed here.

This extract from the author's preface sets out the origin of these designs. The author is apparently unaware that a method of creating a fold and one cut pentagram was already known.

At the beginning of Chapter 2 the author states:

The methods for making polygonal shapes from a square contained in this work are shown below. Similar methods are given for folding from a circle. For methods of obtaining the various related decorative foils, rosettes and borders see full original work.

The Square, The Octagon, the Four-Pointed Star, the Eight-Pointed Star


The Equilateral Triangle, The Hexagon, The Three-Pointed Star, The Six-Pointed Star


The Pentagon and the Five-Pointed Star


The Heptagon and the Seven-Pointed Star


The Nonagon and the Nine-Pointed Star