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The Flapping Bird
The 'Flapping Bird: An Origami Monthly' was a periodical edited by Samuel Randlett and published by Jay marshall of Magic Inc, a magic company based in Chicago. The illustrations were drawn by Jean Randlett.

Twenty five issues were produced between 1968 and 1976. Each issue consisted solely of diagrams for a number of designs. Although it was called an 'Origami Monthly' it was never produced that frequently. There were two issues in 1968, seven in 1969, four in 1970, four in 1971, one in 1972, none in 1973, six in 1974, none in 1975 and one in 1976.


1968 - Issue 1

Owl by Robert Neale

Horrors by Robert Neale

Man in the Moon by John M Nordquist


1968 - Issue 2

Angel by Neal Elias

Sixfold Ornament by Robert Neale (modular)

Salt Substitute by Robert Neale (modular)

Christmas card by Samuel Randlett


1969 - Issue 3

Valentine Box by Florence Temko

Heart and Arrow by Neal Elias

Double Valentine by Betsy Kitsch


1969 - Issue 4

Camel by George Rhoads

Omar Khayyam by Neal Elias

Embroidered Ball by Jack L Skillman (modular)


1969 - Issue 5

Dragon by Robert Neale

Robin by Frederic G Rohm

Daschund by Harry Weiss


1969 - Issue 6

Crucifix by Neal Elias


1969 - Issue 7

Piglet by Robert Neale

Puss In Boots by Freferic G Rohm

Strawberry by Rae Cooker


1969 - Issue 8

George Washington by Neal Elias

Geisha with Sunshade by Neal Elias

Airedale by Harry Weiss


1969 - Issue 9

Twist by Robert Neale

Tryst by Robert Neale

Indian Sign by Robert Neale


1970 - Issue 10

Michelangelo's Pieta by Neal Elias

Sister of Charity by Harry Weiss

Tropical Fish by George Rhoads


1970 - Issue 11

Self-Mailer - Traditional Japanese (the text says 'introduced ... by Louise Cooper ... It appears to derive from the unit used in the traditional Pagoda ...'

Bull Mask by Samuel Randlett


1970 - Issue 12

Bow-Tie Bill by Neal Elias

Purse by Samuel Randlett

Pinwheel by Robert Neale


1970 - Issue 13

Welsh Witch by Robert Harbin

Bill Bow-Tie by Neal Elias


1971 - Issue 14

Fanged Mask by George Rhoads

Nodding Dog by J S Smith

Bookmark by Jessie Seto


1971 - Issue 15

Stag by Frederic G Rohm (Cut) (the text says 'This Stag is the strongest possible argument for the validity of cuts.')

Binary Star by Samuel Randlett

Each One Eat One by Susan Randlett (modular)


1971 - Issue 16

Figure of Christ by Eric Kenneway

Saar Star by Endla Saar

Memo Holder / Coin Purse / Hat by Jessie Seto


1971 - Issue 17

Flapping Bird by Arthur C Smith

Flapping Bird by J S Smith

Lark by Carol St John (also a flapping bird)


1972 - Issue 18

Vice Versa by Robert Neale

Two Swans by Robert W Hirschfield


1974 - Issue 19

Rabbit by William Molloy

Veiltail Goldfish by Samuel Randlett

Flag by Jessie Seto


1974 - Issue 20

Sailboat by Robert Neale

Tubble by Robert Harbin

Food Dish by John M Nordquist


1974 - Issue 21

Chinese Waterlily by E D Sullivan (modular)

Cube by Ho Tsak-man


1974 - Issue 22

Dilly Basket by Betsy Kitsch

Spiral Bud by E D Sullivan

Japanese House by E D Sullivan


1974 - Issue 23

Star Plaque by Lewis Simon

Goldfish - Traditional Chinese (The Blow-up Goldfish) (the text notes that this design was discovered by Philip Shen 'in the pages of the Hong Kong periodical 'Children's Paradise'.'

Fangs by Eric Kenneway


1974 - Issue 24

Lamb by George Rhoads

Twin Puppies by George Rhoads

Buttonby Susan Randlett


1976 - Issue 25

Harlequin Dish by Thelma Randlett

XYZ by E D Sullivan

Flying Bat by David Morgan

Omega Star by Philip Shen