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A Perfect School of Instructions for the Officers of the Mouth by Giles Rose, 1682
'A Perfect School of Instructions for the Officers of the Mouth: Shewing the whole art of A Master of the Houshold, A Master Carver, A Master Butler, A Master Confectioner, A Master Cook, A Master Pastryman' by Giles Rose, published by R Bentley and M Magnes in London in 1682. This book is a translation / paraphrase of 'L'Escole parfaite des officiers de bouche; contenant le vray maistre-d'hotel, le grand escuyer tranchant, le sommelier royal, le confiturier royal, le cuisinier royal et le patissier royal' which was published by J Ribou in Paris in 1662. Despite its obvious derivation the title page claims 'The like never before extant in any Language.'

This book contains the same information about napkin folding as the original French work.

A full copy of the work can be accessed here. The pages relating to the folding of naplins are reproduced below.



The chapter about the Sommelier Royal or Royal Butler mentions, on several occasions, napkins folded in the fashion of a broken staff, or baston rompu, but no instructions for folding this design are given.

In the chapter about folding table linen there are instructions for folding the designs listed below. Unfortunately no illustrations of these designs are given.

A Cockle-shell Double

To do the same single

A melon double

A melon single

A cock

A hen

A hen and chickens

Two pullet

A pigeon upon her nest in a basket

A partridge

A pheasant

Two capons in a pie

A hare

Two rabbits

A sucking pig

A dog with a choller about his neck

A pike

A carp

A turbot

A mitre

A turkey

A tortoise

A cross, like the order of the Holy Ghost - The Triple Blintz Basic Form

The cross of Loraine - The Cross