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Manuel Theorique de la Reform Educative de Frederic Froebel by Edward Raoux, 1862

'Manuel Theorique de la Reform Educative de Frederic Froebel' by Edward Raoux was published, probably in fact self-published, in Lausanne in 1862. The work contains only a fe brief mentions of paperfolding in lists of activities and an illustration borrowed from the Baronne de Marenholz's 1860 book 'Les Jardins d'Enfants'.

The work contains a useful chapter setting out how many kindergarten and other educational establishments are using Froebel's method in 1862.

The work also contains a bibliography of Froebelian books in various languages. This contains a reference to a book, 'Le Pliage' by Auguste Koehler, which is probably his Das Frobel'sche Faltblatt.

A full copy of the work can be accessed online here.