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Origami Moyo, Book One, by Kawarazaki Kodo, 1935
'Origami Moyo, Book One', by Kawarazaki Kodo, was published by Unsodo in Japan in 1935. It is the first of two books which contain woodblock prints of paperfolding designs.

Note that the characters on the cream pages are the title of the following coloured print. The drawings on the cream pages seem to be there just for decoration and are not identified in the book. However, they are, of course, of great interest to the paperfolding historian.

A full copy of the work can be viewed here.

If anyone can provide better / additional translations of the titles or help to identify the designs I will be extremely grateful!


Print One

Left: Tsuru or Paper Crane

Right: Minogame (Ancient Turtle). The long point at the back of the design probably represents trailing seaweed.

(The characters say ????)


Paper Cranes


Print Two

Left: Ayame (Iris) - The Lily

Right: Unidentified butterfly (also in the coloured print)

(The top character says 'butterfly')




Print Three


(The characters say 'iris')


The Iris


Print Four

Top: Unidentified

Bottom: Unidentified

(The characters say Drop Leaf)


Leaf segments (various sizes combined)


Print Five


(The characters say ????)




Print Six

Top: Dragonfly

Bottom: The Double Boat

(The characters say Kabuto)


The Kabuto


Print Seven

Left: Female Hina Doll without the arms folded inwards.

Right: Male Hina Doll without the arms folded inwards.

(The character says 'young'.)


1. Male Hina Doll

2. Female Hina Doll


Print Eight

Left: Turtle or Tortoise

Right: The Pinwheel

(The characters say ????)






Print Nine

Unidentified bird

(The characters say 'tangerine stem')


Five-petalled Lillies (variant of the Lily)


Print Ten

Left: Sparrow

Right: Kago

(The character says 'bamboo')


Bamboo leaf segments


Print Eleven

Left: Unidentified

Right: Unidentified

(The characters say 'wrapping paper')


Top: Unidentified wrapper

Bottom: Incense Wrapper with Noshi


Print Twelve

Left: Unidentified bird

Right: Unidentified bird

(The characters say 'tulips')




Print Thirteen

Top: Yakkosan

Bottom: Hakama - (The Trousers)

(The characters say 'suzume')


Suzume (Japanese tree sparrow)


Print Fourteen

Top: Unidentified boat

Bottom: The Chinese Junk

(The characters say 'dragonfly')




Print Fifteen

Top: Unidentified cut butterfly

Bottom: Fan

(The characters say 'cypress fan')