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Article in New York Times by Meyer Berger, 1958
Meyer Berger wrote a regular column in the New York Times called 'About New York'. On 27th June 1958 his column was titled 'Origami, the Ancient Art of Paper-Folding, has Gramercy Square Disciple.'

According to a brief article in the first issue of the Origamian, published in October 1958 Meyer Berger's interest was taken by three articles published in May and June 1958 in the Japanese language magazine Hokubei Shimpo.

This article in turn led to Lillian Oppenheimer appearing on television shows in the following days, and to her foundation of the Origami Centre.

The relevent part of this text reads, 'Mr Kanazawa's scholarly presentation attracted the attention of the Pullitzer prize-winning New York Times reporter, Meyer Berger, who subsequently wrote a charming piece about Origami in his column in the New York Times 'About New York' on June 27th 1958. Two days later Lillian Oppenheimer was on Jack Paar's TV show, and people who had never heard of Origami began writing in. Bill Leonard in 'Eye on New York', Dave Carroway in 'Today' and Arthur Godfrey, one after another, invited this hobbyist to tell about paperfolding and show some models, and enquiries began pouring in. So was formed the Origami Centre, and we trust it will serve the good purpose of introducing this art to all who maybe interested.'