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Das Frobel'sche Faltblatt, 1872
The second 'expanded and improved' edition of 'Das Frobel'sche Faltblatt' (Frobel's Folding Sheet) ) by August Kohler was published by Hermann Bohlau in Weimar in 1872.

This work is in German and set in Fractur. I do not speak German and Google Lens does not transcribe or translate Fractur well. Consequently, it is probable that there will be errors and omissions on this page. If anyone can supply corrections or further information to me I will be most grateful.

A partial copy of the work can be accessed here. The text seems to be mostly complete, although unfortunately pages 149 (the last page of the 'Das Falten' chapter) and 150 (the first page of the 'Ausschneiden und Aufkleben' chapter are missing, as are the vast majority of the plates relating to the second part of the work.

This is not as unfortunate as it sounds since the material in the second part of the work seems to be almost identical to that previously published in 'Der Kindergarten' by Hermann Goldammer in 1869.

The first part of the work contains much the same material as was included in the first edition, except that some of the illustrations have been redrawn / updated. While Plates 1 and 2 have been redrawn, the pictures they contain are otherwise similar to those in the first edition. The first 8 pictures in Plate 3 are also similar to those in the first edition but pictures 9 to 12 are new.



Picture 9 shows an irregular hexagon.

Picture 10 shows a regular hexagon made by folding each corner inwards in turn to lie on the bisectors. I cannot find any reference to this technique in the text of the book.

Pictures 11 and 12 show a method of producing a regular octagon by folding each edge onto the diagonals in turn. I cannot find any reference to this technique in the text of the book.