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Overview of all Titles
Here are brief details of the books I have written, illustrated or project managed for commercial packagers and publishers.

If you have a project you might like me to become involved with please email me at davidmitchell@origamiheaven.com and I will see what I can do to help.


Mathematical Origami

This was my first book, originally published in 1997 by Gerald Jenkins of Tarquin publications after I sent him a shoebox of paper models. It is aimed at mathematics teachers and recreational mathematicians.

It is still in print and still selling well.

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The Magic of Flexagons - Folded paper curiosities and flexible puzzles to cut out and manipulate

A follow up book from Tarquin Publications aimed at a more general audience which contains cut out and assemble designs for flexagons and other related flexible novelties.

Material on flexagons had already been published by Tarquin in a previous book. I worked closely with Gerald Jenkins to revisit this material and update it. I also added material on some more complex flexagons and a few of my own designs.

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The Origami Pack

A generic boxed kit of simple designs suitable for beginners consisting of a 96 page book with diagrams for 24 designs and 80 sheets of paper.

Published by Barnes and Noble in the USA, Editions France Loisirs in France, Librero in Holland and H Kliczkowski in Spain. Currently being re-issued in book format.

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Sticky Note Origami - 25 Designs to Make at Your Desk

Just what it says in the title - a book of origami designs made using sticky notes.

A 7" x 7" / 128 page book containing diagrams for 25 designs

Published in the USA by Sterling and in the UK by Collins and Brown.

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Paper Planes - How to Make and Fly Them

A follow up to Sticky Note Origami in the same format.

Published in the USA by Sterling and in the UK by Collins and Brown.



Office Origami - The Highly Successful Slackers Guide to Workplace Procrastination

An offshoot of Sticky Note Origami in a similar format but hardcover / 128 pages containing diagrams for 22 designs. Mostly my own designs.

Published under the pseudonym of Adam Russ by Universe Publishing in the USA.

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Origami Animals

A book of diagrams for simple origami animals and birds, mostly of my own design. 96 pages containing 18 designs

Published as Origami Animals in the UK but as Origami Chicken in the USA.

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Chinese Origami

A follow up to the Origami Pack on the same format but also including other foldable Chinese materials such as Heaven Money and traditional Red Envelopes which were required for some of the designs. All the designs are traditional Chinese paperfolds.

Published in USA/Canada by Barnes and Noble, in France by Editions Flammarion, in Spain by H Kliczkowski and in Germany by Fleurus.


Complete Origami

Commissioned by Collins and Brown as a title in their Complete Crafts series this is a hardback / 160 page book containing diagrams for 33 designs, mostly my own, in all kinds of folding styles and ranging from extremely simple to challengingly difficult.

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A boxed kit aimed at children of 8-10 years consisting of a 48 page book containing 21 projects and some fun stickers! A mixture of my own easy-to-fold designs and adaptations of traditional designs and playground folds, many of them multi-piece. The folding instructions are photo sequences not diagrams.

Published by Sandy Creek in Canada.

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Rudegami - Taking Perverse Pleasure from Impure Origami

A book of adult themed designs commissioned specifically for this project. 64 pages including 40 sheets of origami paper in an integral envelope.

Published by Dog and Bone books, an imprint of Ryland, Peters and Small, under the pseudonym of Oliver Zachary.



A 96 page book of 18 designs for easy-to-fold and assemble multi-piece monsters.

The designs were commissioned specifically for this project

Published in hardback and paperback by Firefly Books.


Pokemon Origami

A 64 page book of designs and printed templates for 10 Pokemon characters.

I was asked to project manage this publication. I recruited Janessa Munt to create the basic designs which I then reworked as necessary for ease of folding and diagramming. I also created the folding instructions and template layouts. Character details and backgrounds were added by the packager.

Published in paperback by Pikachu Press.