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Sticky Note Origami - 25 Designs to Make at Your Desk

Just what it says in the title - a book of origami designs made using sticky notes.

A 7" x 7" / 128 page book containing diagrams for 25 designs

Published in the USA by Sterling and in the UK by Collins and Brown.

All designs are my own except Simple Structures by Tung Ken Lam and the Flapping Bird which is a traditional design. Basketball Hoop is an adaptation of a playground fold.

Elephants Extreme   Butterflies   Posy   Shaggy Dog   My Cheating Heart
Oblong Carp   Basketball Hoop   Fred   Alien   Merlin
Paradox Cubes   Cairo Tessellation   Shooting Stars   Octagon Ring   Octagon Star
Circle of Squares   Spinners   Plane   Flexatron   Simple Structures
Roll-Up Cube   Upsilon   Spiky Ball   Flapping Bird   Colour-Change Collapsible Cube