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The Origami Pack

A generic boxed kit of simple designs suitable for beginners consisting of a 96 page book with diagrams for 24 designs and 80 sheets of wood free paper.

Published by Barnes and Noble in the USA, Editions France Loisirs in France, Librero in Holland and H Kliczkowski in Spain. Currently being re-issued in book format.

All designs are my own except Santa by Paula Versnick and those with titles in bold font which are traditional.

Cicada   Kabuto   Windmill   Kabuto Goldfish   Coy Carp
Spinner   Polly's Parrot   Flapping Bird   Flying Crane   Whippersnapper
The Windmill Flexagon   P-P-Pig   Pencil   Merlin   Santa
Bric-A-Brac   Nichola's Box   Floral Giftbox   Octagonal Wreath   Vice Versa Star
Hat   Boat   Star of Wonder