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A boxed kit aimed at children of 8-10 years consisting of a 48 page book containing 21 projects and some fun stickers! A mixture of my own easy-to-fold designs and adaptations of traditional designs and playground folds, many of them multi-piece. The folding instructions are photo sequences not diagrams.

Published by Sandy Creek in Canada.

All designs are my own except Hedgehog and those with titles in bold font which are either traditional designs or simple adaptations of traditional designs or playground folds.

Ice Cream Cone   Baby Bird   Man in Cap   Butterfly   Jet Plane
Guinea Pig   Spectre   Sea Monster   White-Tailed Duck   Seal
Instant Box   Inside Out Boat   Boat with Sail   Flapping Dove   Poser
Elephant   Bull   Rhino   Sunshine Picture Frame   Hanging Ornament