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Office Origami - The Highly Successful Slackers Guide to Workplace Procrastination

An offshoot of Sticky Note Origami in a similar format but hardcover / 128 pages containing diagrams for 22 designs.

Published by Universe Publishing in the USA under the pseudonym of Adam Russ.

The words I provided for the book were partly rewritten by the publisher in order to make them more suitable for the US market.

All designs are my own except Elephant on a Motorbike by Mick Guy and those where the title is in bold. Titles in brackets are the more usual titles of some of these designs. Basketball Hoop and Boredom Box are my adaptations of traditional designs. Snap Dragon is my adaptation of a Dorothy Englemann original. Frog Eat Frog is my adaptation of a Paul Jackson original. The Multimodule is a version of the famous module by Mitsonobu Sonobe but made from rectangular sticky notes.

Basketball Hoop   Business Card Frog   Shoot the Boss   Boredom Box   Water Cooler Cup (Paper Cup)
Frog Eat Frog   Paper Firecracker (Banger)   Snap Dragon   Naughty Elephant (Topsy Turvy)   Rhino Hoopla
Gift Box (Nichola's Box)   Executive Decision Maker (Fortune Teller)   Elephant on a Motorbike   Easy Glider   Jet Fighter (Kendal Flyer)
Towers of Tokyo   Hippy Suncatcher   Cling-On Cube (6-Card Cube)   Multimodule Stars (Sonobe Stubby Stars)   Magic Tube (Modular 2-Way Tube)