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The Magic of Flexagons - folded paper curiosities and flexible puzzles to cut out and manipulate

A follow up book from Tarquin Publications aimed at a more general audience which contains cut out and assemble designs for flexagons and other related flexible novelties.

Material on flexagons had already been published by Tarquin in a previous book. I worked closely with Gerald Jenkins to revisit this material and update it. I also added material on some more complex flexagons and my own Hidden Aces flexagon, Double Cross flexagon and Magic Square flexagon designs.

Simple Tetraflexagon   Two-Way Tetraflexagon   Hidden Aces Flexagon   Kaleidoscope Hexaflexagon (Trihexaflexagon)   Star Hexaflexagon (Trihexaflexagon)
Colour Mix Hexaflexagon (Hexahexaflexagon)   Double Cross Flexagon   Magic Square Flexagon   The Flexitube   Double Layer Flexitube (Woven Flexitube)
Harlequin Flexagon