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Complete Origami
  Commissioned by Collins and Brown as a title in their Complete Crafts series this is a hardback / 160 page book containing diagrams for 33 designs in all kinds of folding styles and ranging from extremely simple to challengingly difficult.

All designs are my own except Strip Elephant by Paul Jackson and those with titles in bold font which are traditional.

Kabuto   Banana Boat   Cormorant on a Rock   Juxtaposition   Piranha
Tsuru   Clingons   Lover's Knot   Chinese Goldfish   Kabuto Fish
Coy Carp   Knot Fish   Flapping Parrot   Tato   Give Me Sunshine
Egypt   Pink Elephant   Strip Elephant   3-Fold Elephant   Shipwreck
1-Fold Coaster   Rotor Coaster   Double Rotor Coaster   Artifact   Dresden Bowl
Lovebird   David's Star   Enigma Bowl   Gaia   Windfarm