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Banded 20-point Stubby Star

  This Designs index provides information about my own paperfolding designs, including where the diagrams can be found.

My designs can be divided into six main categories:

Minimalist, drawing with paper and naive designs

Transformable, action and double image designs

Modular and macromodular sculpture

Mathematical designs (including polyhedral models, polygons and tiles)

Paperfolding puzzles

Devious devices (including flexagons)

And, of course, there are many other unusual designs and outliers to enjoy as well.

Each of the subsidiary pages focuses on one particular style or aspect of paperfolding design. Some designs appear in several pages. For instance, Lovebird is both a drawing with paper pictorial design and a see-through design, which reveals a hidden heart when held up to the light, and so appears in the pages for both these categories.

I have also added brief notes about my paperfolding design philosophy.

There is a more complete catalogue of all my designs here. This is maintained as a reference for my own use but you are welcome to consult it if you wish.

My paperfolding design philosophy
Single and Multiple Sheet Designs   Modular and Macromodular Designs   FlFlexagons, Puzzles and Devious Devices
  Animals, Birds and Fish (Excluding Drawing with Paper Designs)     Modular Sculptures     Devious Devices / Magical Effects
  Imaginary Creatures     Macromodular Sculptures     Flexagons and Flexagon Treatments
  Boats and Paper Planes (Excluding Drawing with Paper Designs)     Kusudamas     Paperfolding Puzzles - Transformation Puzzles
  Miscellaneous Designs     Cushions     Paperfolding Puzzles - Pattern Forming Puzzles
  Functional Designs     Modulars in Motion (Modular Active Play Designs)     Paperfolding Puzzles - Shape Forming Puzzles
  Crease and Collapse Designs     Modular Passive Play Designs     Paperfolding Puzzles - Modular Assembly Puzzles
  Active Play Designs     Multi-Purpose Modules     Paperfolding Puzzles - Miscellaneous Puzzles
  Passive Play Designs     Modular Polyhedra - Cubes     Macromodular Puzzles
  Transformable Designs     Modular Polyhedra - Nolids and Planar Designs        
  Performance Designs     Modular Polyhedra - Deltahedra        
  Double Image Designs     Modular Polyhedra - Regular Dodecahedra        
  Visual Illusions     Modular Polyhedra - Archimedean Solids        
  Drawing with Paper - Animals, Birds and Fish     Modular Polyhedra - Rhombic and Semi-Rhombic Polyhedra        
  Drawing with Paper - Boats and Seascapes     Modular Polyhedra - Silverhedra        
  Drawing with Paper - Buildings and Landscapes     Modular Polyhedra - Other Polyhedra        
  Drawing with Paper - People     Coasters, Rings, Rotors and Stars        
  Drawing with Paper - Simple Solids and other Inanimate Objects     Minimalist Abstract Modular Designs        
  Hybrid Designs     Modular Adaptations        
  Naive Designs                
  Minimalist Representational Designs                
  Minimalist Abstract Designs                
  Conceptual Origami and Origamidada                
  Multiple Sheet Sculpture                
  NOFO / No Fold Origami Designs                
  Old School Designs                
  See-through Designs                
  Surprise Denouement Designs                
  Mathematical Designs - Tiles, Polygons and Polyhedra                
  Message Note Designs                
  X-rated Designs