Origami Heaven

A paperfolding paradise

The website of writer and paperfolding designer David Mitchell


X-Rated Designs
Multiple piece sculptures are arrangements of, rather than integrated assemblies of, individual elements made from single sheets of folded paper.
  Name: Top Dog - X-rated minimalist transformable design.

Paper type / shape: 1:4 rectangle / Irogami.

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 2015.


Diagrams: On-line diagrams can be found in the X-rated Designs section of this site.

  Name: Topsy Turvy - X-rated double image novelty fold.

Paper type / shape: Square / Any kind of paper.

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 2005


Diagrams: As the Naughty Elephant in Office Origami - Adam Russ - Universe Publishing - ISBN 0-7893-1313-8 // On-line diagrams are available on the X-rated Designs page of this site.