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X-Rated Designs
Most of these designs were invented for my book Rudegami, which wss published under the pseudonym of Oliver Zachary. Of all my books this is the one that has probably been most popular among my non-paperfolder friends ...
  Name: Top Dog - X-rated minimalist transformable design.

Paper type / shape: 1:4 rectangle / Irogami.

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 2015.

Reference: 381

Diagrams: On-line diagrams can be found in the X-rated Designs section of this site.

  Name: Topsy Turvy - X-rated double image novelty fold.

Paper type / shape: Square / Any kind of paper.

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 2005

Reference: 298

Diagrams: As the Naughty Elephant in Office Origami - Adam Russ - Universe Publishing - ISBN 0-7893-1313-8 // On-line diagrams are available on the X-rated Designs page of this site.