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Minimalist Abstract Designs
Minimalist abstract origami is a form of origami in which the designer aims to create an abstract form using a very small number of folds. Although there is no hard and fast rule it seems reasonable to apply the same criteria to an abstract design as would apply to a representational design and to consider it minimalist if the final design is made by using five active folds or fewer. The fewer the folds, the more merit the design has as a minimalist design.

The creation of origami tiles particularly lends itself to this kind of approach.

1- Fold Designs
  Name: 1-Fold Cairo Tile

Paper type / shape: Leftover rectangle / Any kind of paper.

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 2000


Diagrams: Exploring Mathematical Ideas with Origami - Water Trade - ISBN 0953477444 // (2) BOM295 December 2015 p18 // Infinity 2005/2 - Tarquin publications ISSN 1748-3220 // Unattributed in Learning Mathematics with Origami - Tung Ken Lam and Sue Pope - 2016 - Association of Teachers of Mathematics - ISBN 9781898611950 // On-line diagrams are available from the Mathematical section of this site.

  Name: Trapezium Tile - When folded from a silver rectangle the perimeter of this tile is 3 x sqrt2 ie three times the length of the long edge of the rectangle.

Paper type / shape: A4 or similar rectangle / Homogeneous paper

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 2010


Diagrams: On-line diagrams are available from the Mathematical section of this site.