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  Diagrams for Single Sheet Designs

This page gives access to diagrams for many of my best single sheet designs in pdf format.

By downloading these diagrams you agree that they are for your personal use only in the terms of the copyright permission set out on the Permissions and fees page and that you will not otherwise distribute them in any way.

  Alien     Faith     Old Man with Stick/Staff
  Also Comes In White     Fishwife     Oyster Gift Box
  America     Flapping Dove     Paradozical Object
  Apis     Flapping Parrot     Piranha
  Baby Dragon     Flick-Flack     Pocket Octahedron
  Banana Boat     Fred     Pocket Tetrahedron
  Bomb Bunny     Freefall / Limbo     Pocket Rhombic Tetrahedron and Collapsible Cube
  Bowl on Legs     Frog Eat Frog     Pointer
  Bric-a-brac     Give Me Sunshine     Polly's Parrot
  Bull     Guinea Pig / Simple Sheep     Sailboard
  Cardinal Sin     Handiloo and Handiloo for Lovers     Shark
  A Change of Perspective     Head to Head     Shark Attack
  Clingons     Holy Ghost     Simple Solids
  Cormorant on a Rock     Hound     Standing Heart
  Coy Carp     Hybrid Elephant     Star of David (by Larry Hart)
  Curvy Bowl (drawn by Rikki Donachie)     Kamikaze     Swannet
  David's Star     Kite     Treefish
  Delta Frame     Knotfish     Twins
  Dogfish     Llyn Dhu     Upstream
  Doggone Cool!     Lovebird     Waiting for the Ferry
  Dresden Bowl     The Line Between     Whippersnapper
  Easy Hens / Quick Crow     Merlin     Windfarm
  Egypt     Mouse     Wot No Undies?
  An Elephant in the Room     Mumbo Jumbo     Yacht
  Elephants Extreme     Obelisk     Yggdrasil
  The Enigma Bowl