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  This section of the site is intended as a resource for teachers, and in particular for teachers of mathematics.

Although I have long been interested in mathematical paperfolds suitable for use in the classroom I am neither a trained teacher nor a mathematician. I therefore rely for information, advice and criticism on friends who are. Despite this, any mistakes in this material are, of course, my own. If you find one, I would be grateful if you would let me know and I will correct it. I would also be grateful for any suggestions for additional notes. Thank you.

A large number of robust modular designs for polyhedra suitable for classroom use can be found in the second edition of my book Mathematical Origami, published by Tarquin publications. This can be purchased in hardcover, paperback or various ebook formats from: https://www.tarquingroup.com/mathematical-origami-second-edition.html. In case of difficulty you can contact the sales team via the web-based contact form at https://www.tarquingroup.com/contacts/

Exploring Mathematical Ideas with Origami

My other book about simple mathematical paperfolds, which was published as part of the Maths Year 2000 project, with funds kindly provided by the Department of Education, is now long out of print.

All those elements of the book that have stood the test of time are now, however, included in the relevant sections on this page.

General / Miscellaneous   Tiles, Polygons and Tiling Patterns   Polyhedra
  About Folding Geometries and Angular Systems   About Origami Tiles and Tiling Patterns   Four Octahedra
  Some Useful Rectangles   Cairo Tiles   Half Cube, Three-Quarter Cube and Sierpinski Qubes
  The Square   Equilateral Tiles and the Interwoven Star of David   Off-Centre Stripe Cubes
  The Silver Rectangle / Silver Triangle   Golden Proportion Tiles   Pocket Octahedron
  The leftover rectangle   Hexagonal Tessellating Tables   Pocket Tetrahedron
  The Bronze Rectangle / Double Bronze Rectangle / Bronze Triangle   Octagons   Pocket Rhombic Tetrahedron and Collapsible Cube
  The Twin Platinum Rectangles and the Mock Platinum Rectangle     Octagon Isosceles Tiles        
  The Golden Rectangle     Octagon Kite Tiles        
  Just One Fold     Octagon Rhombus Tiles        
  Sea Monster     Octagram Kite Tiles        
  Modular Two-Way Tube     Pentagonal Tiles        
  Perfect Mappings     3-Piece Pentagram        
  Point of Balance     Penrose Kites and Darts        
  Halving the Square     Sphinx Tiles        
  Blintzing Oblongs     Squashed Hexagon Tiles        
  Demonstrating Pythagorus     Trapezium Tiles