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The website of writer and paperfolding designer David Mitchell


  Cloud 9 is a little cottonwool-edged corner of this site devoted to my cartoons, poems and, in time, other kinds of writing.

Although I seem to devote an inordinate amount of time to it, folding paper is not my first or only love. Above everything else I love the world of ideas, words and language. If you have folded my origami designs you will already know this, of course, for I can never resist an unusual concept, an odd title, an outrageous pun or an edgy joke.

This love of the odd, outrageous and edgy is also reflected in my cartoons and poetry.


Cartoons   Poems for my children   Poems for myself
C   Sam and Mabel - Introduction How the cormorant got its name The Alphabet Song
A   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Rain A precautionary tale The vulture
R   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Showers A different kind of zoo On the interpretation of signs.
T   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Wind Rather them than me What if?
O   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Fog A disastrous day A Tartan Cow
O   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Snow Kangaroo Miscellaneous short poems
N   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Final Day Learn to love the animals Froetry
S   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Back at Home On the perils of persistence  
!   Other cartoons About cats