Origami Heaven

Origami Heaven is the website of paperfolding designer and author David Mitchell


  Origami is not my only passion. Above everytthing else I love the world of ideas, words and language. If you know my origami designs you will already know this as well, of course, for I can never resist an unusual concept, an odd title, an outrageous pun or an edgy joke.

This love of the odd, outrageous and edgy is, I hope, also reflected in my cartoons and poetry.


Cartoons   Poems for my children   Poems for myself
C   Sam and Mabel - Introduction How the cormorant got its name The vulture
A   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Rain A precautionary tale On the interpretation of signs.
R   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Showers A different kind of zoo What if?
T   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Wind Rather them than me Miscellaneous short poems
O   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Fog A disastrous day Froetry
O   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Snow Kangaroo      
N   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Final Day Learn to love the animals      
S   Sam and Mabel's Holiday - Back at Home On the perils of persistence      
!   Other cartoons About cats