Origami Heaven

Origami Heaven is the website of paperfolding designer and author David Mitchell



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  Origami Unfolded provides an introduction to paperfolding and the ideas that influence it by way of two FAQs, one for beginners and one for aficionados, and a few brief notes on some aspects of paperfolding history and development.

More detailed information about specific types of designs can be found in the Designs and Diagrams section.

FAQ for Beginners   FAQ for Aficionados   Paperfolding History
  What is this thing called origami anyway?     What different types of origami are out there?     A brief outline of origami design history
  What different types of origami are there?     A glossary of technical paperfolding Terms     The Senbazuru Orikata
  What are the rules of origami?             The Tematebako
  How do I learn to fold paper?             The Business Card Cube
  What kind of paper should I use?             The Paper Plane
  How do I learn to understand origami folding instructions?             Robert E Neale - A bibliography
  How do I learn to create my own designs?                
  Are all origami designs created equal?                
  Where and when did origami first begin?