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The 1885 engraving of the Flapping Bird

  The history of paperfolding is a fascinating one.

This page links to a brief Timeline of Origami History and other pages collecting together more detailed historical information about some traditional designs and early manuscripts. There is also a bibliography of the published designs of Robert E Neale.

While I have long been interested in origami history there are many paperfolders who know much more about the subject than I do and these notes should not be taken as being comprehensive. I have, however, tried to make them as accurate as possible by basing them on published sources rather than myth or imagination.

General   Notes on Traditional Designs   Biography and Bibliography
  A Timeline of Origami History     The Buddha Papers     Robert E Neale - A bibliography
          The Business Card or Playing Card Cube     Meditations on a Waterbomb by Kenneth M Kawamura
          Cassell's Complete Book of Sports and Pastimes        
          The Catherine of Cleves Box        
          The Chinese Junk        
          Consequences and Le Cadavre Exquis        
          The Fifth Pig and other propaganda Fold-Ups        
          The Flapping Bird        
          Froebelian Paperfolding and the Kindergarten        
          The Kan No Mado        
          Komoso / Yakko-san        
          The Orizuru or Paper Crane        
          The Paper Boat        
          Paper Hats        
          The Paper Plane        
          Paper, Scissors, Stone        
          The Salt Cellar / Fortune Teller / Cootie Catcher        
          The Senbazuru Orikata        
          Symmetrical Inkblots / Klecksography / Rorschach Test        
          The Tematebako