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Miscellaneous Sealife and Shellfish
This page attempts to record what is known about the origin and history of paper sealife and shellfish. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.

There is a separate page for Fish and another for Octopii.

The Windmill is called 'Estrella del mar' (Starfish) in an article titled 'El trabajo manual escolar' by Vicente Casto Legua in the January 1907 issue of the Spanish magazine 'La Escuela Moderna' which was published in Madrid by Los Sucesores de Hernando.



There is a design for a Prawn in the Kan No Mado, which is usually dated to 1845.



'Xu Zhe zhi tu shuo' (More Illustrated Paperfolding) by Yongxiang Shi, which was published by the Commercial Press in Shanghai in 1917 contains diagrams for three designs for clams:.

And another for a squid ... which is an inflatable design.



'Origami Moyo, Book Two' by Kawarazaki Kodo, which was published in Japan in 1935, contains a print showing a squid.



A design for a Cuttlefish appears in 'Paper Toy Making' by Margaret Campbell, which was first published by Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd in London, probably in 1937, although both the Foreword and Preface are dated 1936, which argues that the book was complete at that date.



'How to Make Origami' by Isao Honda, which was published by Toto Shuppan Co. Ltd in Japan. by McDowell Obolensky of New York in the USA and by Museum Press Ltd of London in England, in 1959, contains diagrams for a Lobster from an equilateral triangle using cuts to release the flaps that form the claws