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The Curate's Hat
This page is being used to collect information about the history of the paperfolding design known as the Curate's Hat (which is developed from the House). Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



A far as I know this design first appears as 'Bonete' (Cap) in an article titled 'El trabajo manual escolar' by Vicente Casto Legua in the January 1907 issue of the Spanish magazine 'La Escuela Moderna' which was published in Madrid by Los Sucesores de Hernando. I am not convinced that this hat is actually wearable.



As 'Bonete' in 'Trabajos Manuales y Juegos Infantiles' by Francisco Blanch, which was published by I. G. Seix y Barral Hermanos S.A.- Editores in Barcelona in 1923.



As 'El Bonete' in Booklet 3 of 'Trabajos Manuales Salvatella - Plegado de figuras de papel', which was published by Editorial Miguel A Salvatera in Barcelona around 1929.



The same design also appears as 'El bonete del cura' (The Curate's Hat) in 'El Mundo de Papel' by Dr Nemesio Montero, which was published by G Miranda in Edicions Infancia in Valladolid in 1939.



The design also appears as 'Birrete de Obispo' (Bishop's Cap) in 'El Plegado y Cartonaje en la Escuela Primaria' by Antonio M Luchia and Corina Luciani de Luchia, which was published by Editorial Kapelusz in Buenos Aires in 1940.



The same design, called 'Bonete' and a simple variation, called 'Gorro Cuartelero' appear in 'Papiroflexia' by Elias Gutierrez Gil, which was self-published in 1951



As 'Boneto' in 'Una Hoja de Papel' by Lorenzo Herrero, which was published by Miguel A Salvatella in Barcelona in 1952.