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The Blintz box or Masu
This page attempts to record what is known about the origin and history of the origami design I call the Blintz Box but which is also often just known as the Masu (which just means box in Japanese). Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.

The Blintz Box is closely related to the Junk Box (the box from which the Chinese Junk is made)

In Japan

No information available at present.


In the West

As far as I know the Blintz Box first appears in Lois Bates' 'Kindergarten Guide', which was first published by Longmans, Green and Co in London in 1897. This is also the earliest instance I know of where foilding diagrams are presented in the form of a photo montage.