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Simple Fukusuke
This page is being used to record information about the history of the origami design I call Simple Fukusuke. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.

Other designs representing Fukusuke can be found here.


In China (and in publications by Chinese authors)


Diagrams for this design, titled 'Arhat' (ie one who has achieved Nirvana), appear in 'Zhe zhi tu shuo' (Illustrated Paperfolding), compiled by Gui Shaolie, which was published by the Commercial Press in Shanghai in Ming guo 3 (1914).


In Japan (and in publications by Japanese authors)


As far as I know this design first appears in 1893 in volume 3 issue 21 of 'Yonen Zasshi' children's magazine.



It also appears in the following year, 1894, in an article in issue 21 of the Japanese children's magazine 'Shokokumin'.



Diagrams for this design also appear in 'Jinjo Kouto Shogaku Shuko Seisakuzu' (Handicrafts for ordinary higher elementary schools) by Hideyoshi Okayama, which was published by Rokushiro Uehara in Tokyo in 1903.


An illustration of the finished design (but no diagrams) appears in 'Shukouka no Liron Oyobi Jissai' (Handicraft Theory and Practice) by Kuniho Nakamura and Shinpei Ito, which was published by Kofukan in Tokyo in 1903.



The design also appears in 'Shukouka Kyoju Shishin: Maiji Haitou' by Hyojiro Nakagaki, which was published by Kenseikai in Tokyo in 1904. The text says 'Have a child draw the face'.



Diagrams for a slightly different version of the design appear in 'Shukouka Kyohon : Liron Jishuu Souga Setsumei' by Kikujiro Kiuchi, Rokushiro Uehara and Hideyoshi Okayama, which was published by Shigebei Takase in Chiba in 1905.



Diagrams also appear in 'Shukou Tebikigusa : Kokumin Kyoiku Origami Yuihimo' by Ishin Nishigaki, which was published by Meguro Shoten in Nagaoka in 1907.



Diagrams also appear in 'Origami zusetsu' (Illustrated Origami) by Sano Shozo, which was published in Tokyo in 1908.



This design appears in an illustration by Takei Takeo in a 1927 issue of the children's magazine 'Kodomo No Kuni' (The Land of Children).



'Origami Moyo, Book Two' by Kawarazaki Kodo, which was published in Japan in 1935, contains a print showing the Simple Fukusuke design.



The design also appears in 'The World of Origami' by Isao Honda, which was published in the USA by Japan Publications Trading Company in 1965.