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Articles in Yonen Zasshi magazine, 1893

'Yonen Zasshi' was a Japanese children's magazine that occasonally published folding instructions for origami designs during 1893 and 1894.

This page provides details of the articles published in 1893.

My thanks to Nobuko Okabe for kindly obtaining details of these articles from the NDL, for helping me understand what the articles say and for explaining some of the cultural meaning behind the words.

The designs were contributed by readers of the magazine living in many different parts of Japan. We cannot tell from the names whether they were adult readers or children.

It seems reasonable to assume that these designs are a good sample of the kind of designs that were in circulation within Japanese society at this time.


In Issue 3/5 - Paper Frog - The Inflatable Frog

Contributor: Hidemoto Suga of Ito County, Chikuzen

(Note that there is no mention in these diagrams that this frog can be inflated)


In Issue 3/17 - Rokkaku Kamibako - The Hexagonal Tematebako

Contributed by Kisaburo Hayashi of Chita County, Owari


In issue 3/19 - Paper Crane

Contributed by Gentoku Toba of Kesen County, Iwate Prefecture


In Issue 3/21 - Fukusuke

(The text says that the original letter from the contributor was misplaced and so the name of the contributor couldn’t be given.)


In Issue 3/22 - Paper Sparrow (Fold and Cut Design)

Contributed by Tokumatsu Fujieda of Minagi County, Harima


In Issue 3/23 -Yamatobune - The Chinese Junk

Contributed by Teiji Kanai

(Note that this model has other names like Takarabune, Sengokubune, etc.)


In Issue 3/24 - Lotus Flower - The Lotus

Contributed by Keizo Ohno