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Pattern Drawing Puzzles Solved by Folding Paper
This page is being used to collect information about the history of Pattern Drawing Puzzles Solved by Folding Paper (ie how to draw impossible patterns with a single line and without lifting the pen from the paper.) Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



As far as I now this type of puxzzle was first published in 'L'Illustration' 2564 of 16th April 1892 and subsequently republished in Volume 3 of 'La Science Amusante' by Tom Tit (real name Arthur Good), which was published in 1893.



A puzze of this kind appeared under the heading 'The Rectangle and its Diagonals ' in 'Scientific Amusements' (an English translation of some of the material from volumes 2 and 3 of 'La Science Amusante' by Tom Tit) which was published by Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd in London in 1918.


In the same year two puzz;es of this kind appeared in 'Ciencia Recreativa' by Jose Estralella, a translation of the same work into Spanish, which was published by Gustavo Gili in Barcelona.

Drawing a Quartered Circle, Square etc


Drawing Concentric Circles