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Fold and Cut Designs
This Index page provides links to other pages containing information about paperfolding designs in which the paper is both folded and cut (or cut and folded) to create the final design. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.

Note that information about the making of Paper Flowers, which are often rotationally symmetric designs where the paper is first folded, then cut to create the petals, then opened out to reveal a flower, has not been added to this site at present.

Fold and Cut designs can be categorised as follows:


Designs folded from irregular templates - 1509 onwards.


Designs folded from slit bases (in process)

(ie from sheets of paper that have been slit at the edges to partially divide the sheet into several sections.)


Symmetrical Fold and Cut Designs

(ie those designs in which a proportion of the paper is removed by the cutting / tearing process, thus creating a flat symmetrical pattern.)


Fold Slit and Fold Designs

(ie designs in which slits are made into a sheet of paper, but no paper is removed, and the paper is then folded again to produce the final design.)


Fold and One Cut Designs - 1721 onwards

(Note that these are usually, though not necessarily, also examples of symmetrical fold and cut designs.)