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Figuras de Papel
'Figuras de Papel' is a series of 3 booklets published by B Bauza in Barcelona in 1932. Each of the booklets has 12 pages. I have not seen the booklets themselves. The information on this page has been kindly provided by Juan Gimeno.

There is an obvious connection between these booklets and the Image a Pliers booklets published in France in the same year, but it is not clear precisely what the connection is or in which direction it runs.


Booklet 1

Posavasos de estrella (Star Coasters) - Unidentified but possibly the Rosace Decorative from Image a Plier

Caja de sellos (Stamp Box) - Unidentified but possibly the Menko.

Caja de mantecadas (Shortbread Box) - either The Junk Box or The Patisserie Box

Chalana - The Flat-Bottomed Boat

Salero - The Salt Cellar

Mesa (Table) - Unidentified but possibly the standard Froebelian Table

Pajarita - The Cocotte / Pajarita

Barco (o Candil) (Boat or Oil Lamp) - The Boat with Sail

Gorrión (Sparrow) - Le Moineau

Bombonera japonesa u Olla (Japanese Candy Box or Cooking Pot) - a cut version of The Kettle


Booklet 2

The Pig

The Flapping Bird

The Cut and Fold Windmill

Le Bonnet Carre

The Chinese Junk (with sail and a stand made from the pig base)

Other contents unknown


Booklet 3

Mariposa - The Flapping Butterfly

Vaso de agua - The Paper Cup

Portalápices (o Florero) (Holder for pencils or flowers) - Le Porte-Allumettes

Vaso japonés - a cut version of The Mushikago

Kiosco japonés - Le Kiosque Japonais

Iris - The Lily