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Images a Plier by M R Chasles
'Images a Plier' is not a single book but a series of 6 booklets published by Librairie Larousse in Paris in 1932. The introduction by M George Moreau states that M R Chasles, otherwise unknown to me,was the author of the work. He was, perhaps, also the creator of some of the designs the booklets feature.

'Images de Plier' is mentioned in 'La Nouvelle Education' of July 1933 (https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k5525649m/f3.item) and three illustrative pages are given. My thanks to Michel Grand for this information.

I have not been able to access copies of these booklets and so the rather sparse information on this page has been culled from occasional mentions on the internet. If anyone can furnish me with better information I will be most grateful.

Booklet 1

Full contents not known at present but include:

Le Papillon

Le Bateau Ponte (the same design as 'La Peniche' in 'Joujoux En Papier' by Tom Tit)


Booklet 2

Contents: Not known at present


Booklet 3

Le Pingouin

La Boite de Patissier / Le Bateau a Fond Plat


Booklet 4

Rosace Decorative

Le Lampion

Le Kiosque Japonais

La Fleur d'Iris (The Iris)

La Grenouille

Le Crabe

Le Bonnet Carre


Booklet 5

Contents: Not known at present


Booklet 6

Contents: Not known at present