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Die Schulwerkstatt by E Barth and W Niederly, 1882
'Die Schulwerkstatt' by E Barth and W Niederly was published in Bielefeld and Leipzig in 1882. It contains a section about 'Falten' and a few other paperfolding related items in other sections. The material in the book seems to be aimed at the elementary class and above althogh this is not explicitly stated.

A full copy of the work can be accessed here.




This section contains criticism of some exponents of Froebelian paperfolding for 'overfeeding' (ie attempting to get children to work at a level too difficult for their age).

Page 102 refers to children making squares from rectangles by first creasing the paper, then moistening the crease and then tearing the excess paper off.

Folding is divided into the folding of squares and rectangles.

Several designs folded from squares are mentioned, the Saltcellar, Shirt, Jacket, Trousers, Table, Chair, Barge, Barge with Sail, Double barge, Gondola, Windmill and Bellows. Only the Shirt, Jacket and Trousers are illustrated.

There is also mention of several designs folded from rectangles: Soldier's Hat, Bag, Witch's Bag, Penal(?), Arrow, Banger and Double Banger.

Reference is made on several occasions to 'the activity book' ie 'Des Kindes Erste Beschaftigungsbuch' by the same authors which was published in 1876.


Fold, Cut and Fold Chevron Designs


The Wind Wheel


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