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Des KindDes Kindes Erste Beschaftigungsbuch
Des Kindes Erste Beschaftigungsbuch by E Barth and W Niederley was published in Bielefeld and Leipzig in 1880, although the foreword is dated 1876. It contains separate chapters on the folding of paper and of paper napkins.

The chapter on paperfolding contains the following:

How to cut a square from rectangular paper.

The Saltcellar


The Cross.

The Shirt (made by folding the Cross in half).

The Suit of Clothes.


A human figure made from the Suit of Clothes by adding to it the Mitre and bands of paper to act as collar and belt.

A Chair (made from the Cross).

The Table (made from a windmill base)

The Boat with Sail.

The (uncut) Windmill.

The Double Boat.

The Box (developed from the Double Boat)

The Photo Frame / Mirror.

The Chinese Junk.

The Bellows.

The Puzzle Purse / Menko.

The Newspaper Hat.

The Boat.


The Pencil Case


The Dart


The Single and Double Barrelled Bangers


A Pleated Lampshade.

The Chicken Wire Pattern Letterfold


The chapter on folding paper napkins contains, inter alia:

The Lotus Blossom.