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Regular Dodecahedra
  Name: Dodecahedron with Windows

Modules / Paper shape / Folding geometry: 30 modules from rectangles using silver folding geometry.

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 1989 / Francis Ow, similar date or possibly earlier.

Diagrams: Version with larger windows as 'Outline Dodecahedron' in Mathematical Origami - Tarquin Publications - ISBN 1-899618-18-X // In Portuguese - Origami matematicos - Republicao - ISBN 972-570-257-3 // On-line diagrams for the version pictured here are available on the Modular Designs page of this site.

  Name: Robust Dodecahedron

Modules / Paper shape / Folding geometry: 30 modules from mock platinum rectangles.

Designer / Date: David Mitchell, 1992.

Diagrams: As Regular Dodecahedron in Mathematical Origami (2nd Edition) - David Mitchell - Tarquin publications - ISBN 9781911093169