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Uncut designs

Uncut designs can be defined as those that are developed from a sheet of paper, of any chosen shape, without the use of cuts to create slits at the edge of the sheet, or to create slits in, or remove sections from, the interior of the sheet.

The idea that uncut designs are 'better' than cut designs is largely a modern concept. You can find more information about the origin and development of the concept of 'pure' paperfolding here.

Uncut designs are probably best classified with reference to the shape of the sheet of paper they are folded from, whether, convex, concave, regular or irregular etc, but I have not attempted such an analysis on this site. There is, however, a separate Index page for Designs Folded from Strips.

Uncut designs can also be categorised by whether they are made from just one sheet of paper or from several / many. There is no Index page for uncut single-sheet designs but information about the various types of multiple-sheet designs can be found here.